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Hope on the Balkans
Protests in Serbia
Archive 1996: Nov. 25 - Dec. 31

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-> dDH <-Dec 31:Koha (independent magazine from Kosova) on the protests
-> dDH <-Dec 30:Belgian support for students
Dec 29:Socia Media did not receive any reports, besides the Odraz B92 bulletins
<- dDH ->Dec 29:CNN: Serb protesters festive amid signs of military backing
<- dDH ->Dec 28:CNN: Belgrade protesters resume marches after comrade's funeral
-> dDH <-Dec 28:Serbian Renewal Movement: funeral of Predrag Starcevic
<- dDH ->Dec 27:CNN: Investigative team rules local Serbian elections valid
-> dDH <-Dec 27:Zajedno coalition: B92 jammed again
-> dDH <-Dec 27:BBC-1 TV on Dec 26 demonstrations
-> dDH <-Dec 26:Appeal from MOST, Belgrade
-> dDH <-Dec 26:Zajedno coalition fears police crackdown
-> dDH <-Dec 26:UK TV on Dec 24 demonstrations
-> dDH <-Dec 25:Balkan Peace Team report on demonstrations of Dec. 24
<- dDH ->Dec 25:CNN: Milosevic opponents won't back down, despite shooting
-> dDH <-Dec 25:Zajedno coalition Dec. 24: 2nd midnight announcement
-> dDH <-Dec 25:Zajedno coalition Dec. 24: 1st midnight announcement
<- dDH ->Dec 24:CNN: Milosevic supporters, foes clash in Belgrade
-> dDH <-Dec 24:14:00-17:00 First violence reported in Belgrade media report by Socia Media
-> dDH <-Dec 23:Warning Annoucement for Dec 24, from Belgrade students
-> dDH <-Dec 23:News from Democratic party, Dec 23
-> dDH <-Dec 23:Serbian Renewal Movement: Milosevic to instigate civil war in Serbia
-> dDH <-Dec 23:Zajedno coalition: Milosevic's party prepares conflict
<- dDH ->Dec 23:CNN: Opposition reorganizes as Milosevic stages counter-protests
-> dDH <-Dec 22:News from Democratic party, Dec 22
-> dDH <-Dec 22:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 22 on "contra-rallies"
-> dDH <-Dec 22:Coalition Zajedno: Socialist Party plans rally in Belgrade Dec 24
-> dDH <-Dec 21:Coalition Zajedno: Police harassment in small towns
-> dDH <-Dec 21:Coalition Zajedno on state-run media
-> dDH <-Dec 21:Ivo Skoric on nationalism of the protesters
<- dDH ->Dec 20:CNN: Milosevic's wife, opponents warn of civil war
-> dDH <-Dec 20:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 19
-> dDH <-Dec 19:NGO Info Centre: Communiqe Dec 19; overview convicted protesters
-> dDH <-Dec 18:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 17 and 18
-> dDH <-Dec 17:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 16 and 17
<- dDH ->Dec 17:CNN: Milosevic concedes second city; huge rallies continue
-> dDH <-Dec 16:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 14 and 16
-> dDH <-Dec 16:News from Coalition ZAJEDNO, Nis: Election results will be reviewd; 17 students start march on Belgrade
-> dDH <-Dec 15:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 14
-> dDH <-Dec 15:Letters from Nis; a.o. Students want to talk to Milosevic
-> dDH <-Dec 14:Zajedno Info Service: Milosevic turns to president of Royalist Block
-> dDH <-Dec 14:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 13
-> dDH <-Dec 14:Zajedno report from Nis, Dec. 13
-> dDH <-Dec 13:Belgrade, by Bart Rijs, published in De Volkskrant, Dec 11
-> dDH <-Dec 13:News from Serbian Renewal Movement, Dec 12
-> dDH <-Dec 13:Zajedno report from Nis, Dec. 12
-> dDH <-Dec 12:Zajedno report from Nis, Dec. 11
-> dDH <-Dec 11:Zajedno press release on arrest of Actor Gojko Baletic
-> dDH <-Dec 11:Democratic Party report from Nis, Dec. 10
-> dDH <-Dec 11:Satement from Green Party and Pancevo Peace Movement on arrest of Pancevoin activist
-> dDH <-Dec 11:"Het meest serieuze protest sinds 1968" uit 'Now Future' (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 10:Democratic Party report from Nis, Dec. 9
-> dDH <-Dec 10:Achtergrond: Reisverslag Tilburg Zamir (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 10:Balkan Peace Team Report Dec. 7
<- dDH ->Dec 9:CNN: Anti-Milosevic protests enter third week
<- dDH ->Dec 8:CNN: Court declares Socialist win in Belgrade poll
-> dDH <-Dec 7:Chair Committee to Protect Journalists meets Milosevic
<- dDH ->Dec 7:Commentaar Volkskrant op recente ontwikkelingen (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 7:Declaration of the Belgrade Circle
-> dDH <-Dec 7:Human Rights Watch Statement
-> dDH <-Dec 6:Oproep voor financiele hulp aan studenten (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 6:B92 is back on the air
-> dDH <-Dec 6:Legal Aspects of 1996 Elections in FR Yugoslavia
-> dDH <-Dec 5:Report on students protests by the Balkan Peace Team
<- dDH ->Dec 5:Opposition leader outlines goals of protests, coalition policy
-> dDH <-Dec 4:VOA Expands Serbian-Language Broadcasts
-> dDH <-Dec 4:Oproep Balkan Comité Dordrecht: STEUN B92 (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 4:Oproep aan Ned. Studentenbonden (Dutch)
<- dDH ->Dec 3:Radio B92 (Belgrade) off the air (Ned./Eng.)
-> dDH <-Dec 2:Oproep voor steunbetuigingen (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 2:Appeal for letters of support (Eng.)
-> dDH <-Dec 2:Dutch daily 'De Volkskrant', several articles (Eng.)
-> dDH <-Dec 2: De Volkskrant: De revolutie begint met een homepage (Dutch)
-> dDH <-Dec 2:Some quotes from BosNet
-> dDH <-Dec 1:Belgrade: The 13th day, a personal comment
-> dDH <-Nov 30:Some remarks by Bojan Aleksov
-> dDH <-Nov 25:Woman in Black on the protests

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