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Protests in Serbia Archive
Solidarity with the students in Belgrade

We, democratic organisations of Belgium, support the students of Belgrade and other towns of Servia in their struggle for democratic rights

We reject every attack on the constitutional rights in Serbia and the annnulation of the results of the elections

We support the autonomy of the student movement who must be independent of the opposition, but also of the government who was responsible for war and ethnic leaning

We reject every attack against freedom of press ( the closure of the radio B92)

We hope that the strike will be a important support to all those forces in the Balkan in there struggle for a multi-etnic and democratic society

We make a call to all democratic forces and universities in Belgium to organise solidarity with the students in Belgrade

International Workers Aid for Bosnia/Belgium
Pax Christi/Flanders
Green Party (Agalev-Flanders)
Forum voor Vredesactie (Peacecomitee)
SAP -Socialist Workers party
VAK (Women's Action Comitee)
Adress: Jos Geudens, Herrystraat 2, 2140 Borgerhout, Belgium

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