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Protests in Serbia Archive
News from Nis, Serbia, Yugoslavia

address: Trg Lale Nikolica 2, 18000 Nis,
telephone: +381 18 21 990
fax: +381 18 22 067
e-mail: tole@sezampro.com

The Coalition ZAJEDNO (Together) Nis, organized its Information Center in order to spread information which cannot be heard from the regime controled media. We print these information in Daily bulletin, distributed in the streets, free of charge, and, from tonight on, through the chanel of NAIS TV as well as through the INTERNET. The information center includes volonteers of various professions. E-mail address we use is the address of Mr Toplica Djordjevic, Vice President of the City Committee of Democratic Party in Nis.

The members of the Editorial Board are:
(All titles are titles of honour)
Mr Predrag Cveticanin, Editor-in-Chief
Mr Nenad Popovic, Assistant Editor
Mr Aleksandar Mitic, WWW Administrator
Mr Branislav Markovic, In-House Editor
Mr Dragan Mihailovic, Print Make-up
(We are not sexists, we just work hard)
Translators: Mrs. Slobodanka Kitic, Mrs. Tanja Paunovic, MISS Ljilja Markovic, MISS Lidija Moskovlic, MISS Sonja Stankovic, MISS Natasa Tucev (all girls (of honour)).

Daily information

Where are we? On BBC!
Free television in Nis works
Last night the citizens of Nis were given a chance to watch the programme of Free television in Nis on the channel of NAIS TV. For the first time they could, on their TV screens, see the scenes going on for twentyfour days in the streets of their city. Beside the scenes of the protest meeting at the Liberty square, Free telivision broadcasted the news never broadcasted through the transmitter of the official television network. The guests of Free television were both Vuk Draskovic (on the telephone) and Nenad Stefanovic, a journalist of the magazine "Duga".
Last night, those who stay at their homes at the time of the meetings and protest walks were able to hear the voice of their fellow-citizens. Last night they were also able to see, by means of TV cameras, all that provoked anger and protest- - the election stations official records which clearly point out that the electorial results were tampered after the elections.
At the very moment when the broadcasting of Free television Nais started, this TV station was flooded with phone calls by the citizens who wanted to reassure themselves that what they see is for real. At the time when free media are the target of the regime, when a free word and reliable information can hardly reach the audience, the broadcasting of Free television Nais is a true miracle. We are looking forward to watching Free telivi- sion Nais programme from tonight on.
We also hope that the voice of this TV is going to wake up even those who were lulled asleep by "informative" programmes of regime-controlled media. It's high time to wake up. Freedom in Serbia is at hand. All we need is to dare and reach out for it, and what once seemed to be impossible could become reality.

Nis: Tonight on 24th day of civic protest, in front of signifi- cantly greater number of people than yesterday, the following participants spoke: MPs from Belgrade ljiljana Lucic and Alek- sandar Cotric President of Democratic Youth Dusan Dincic, professor Dragan Zunic, Ph.D., Vice President of Democratic Party, MP Zoran Zivkovic, and Slavisa Ognjenovic -Susko, a member of Edzecutive Union Board "Independance" on behalf of taxi drivers of Nis. Today's civic protest was also covered by BBC and Reuter TV cameras. The line of protesting citizens visited the plateau in front of the City Television Studio and warmly, with pirecrackers, saluted the informative system of this house.
Nis: Today, students gathered in front of the University buil- ding Banovina at 1 p.m. and the line of around five thousand students started moving in the direction of the building of the local news agency "Narodne Novine". There, as a sign of protest against long lasting, non-objective informing of this house, especially against reporting about the civic and student pro- tests, a ton of newspapers issued by "Narodne Novine" and other news agencies controlled by the regime, were torn. At 2.30 p.m Ph.D. Vojislav Stojiljkovic, professor at faculty of Mechanical Engineering addressed the students who again gathered in front of the Unversity building. It was agreed that the students would sing the national hymn "Justice, oh Lord". All those who want to join this cultural event can be in front of the City Hall.

Nis: The Council of Faculty of Phylosophy in Nis, at the session held today, agreed to support the students' requests unquestio- nably.

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