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Protests in Serbia Archive
Daily news, Dec. 12. 1996 from Nis

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Coalition ZAJEDNO (Together) Information Headquarters

Daily news, Dec. 12. 1996

Today, on 25th day of protest in Nis, two guests from Belgrade spoke to about 20000 people gathered in the Main Square

The rally was also addressed by Mr. Djordjevic Toplica, vicepresident of the Democratic Party City Board, Mr. Milic Veroljub, member of the "Nezavisnost" Trade Union, and Mr. Ognjenovic Slavisa Susko, member of the "Nezavisnost" Trade Union Board. The rally included a "visit" to the Court building, the City TV building and the building of the local newspaper "Narodne novine". The procession passed by the City Hall and went back to the Main Square.

The students started their protest at 10 a.m. and walked through the city. After having gathered in front of the University building, the students, in a procession larger than ever, "visited" the popular city concert sites - the City Hall and the City Court, where they sang the old national anthem "God of Justice". This anthem was sung once again when the students came back to the University building, where they were addressed by Professor Jovanovic Bojan, researcher at the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade.

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