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Protests in Serbia Archive
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December 22, 1996

32nd day of protests in Belgrade, citizens from Pancevo and Lazarevac, who walked from their hometowns to the capital, joined the citizens of Belgrade in their march.Like the days before, more than 100,000 people walked through the streets of Belgrade, to gather finally at the Liberty Square, where the leaders of Coalition "Zajedno" addressed them.

Speaking about "contra-rallies," organized by the Socialistic Party, Mr. Vuk Draskovic said:
"A thousand of dolls, made of flesh and blood, are marching the streets of Serbia to support thievery. Those who support the regime's thievery today, will be responsible tomorrow."

A hundred and seven citizens from Valjevo, among them fifteen workers from military plant "Krusik," are coming today to Belgrade to show their support to the Coalition Zajedno.

"Contra rally" in Belgrade

General Secretary of the Serbian Socialistic Party, Gorica Gajevic, after her meeting with the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, announced that they will organize their contra rally on December 24, 1996 at the Liberty Square. SPS will provide an organized transportation and refund for Milosevic's supporters.

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