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Protests in Serbia Archive
Funeral of Predrag Starcevic

Belgrade, December 28, 1996

Predrag Starcevic, killed during the night of 24-25 of December, will be buried today at Novo Groblje (New Cemetery) in Belgrade. Starcevic was beaten to death by a group of SPS followers, who were that day participating in a rally, organized by the government. The rally resulted in a series of tragedies on the streets of Belgrade.

Today's rally of Zajedno followers and other Belgade citizens will be held at Novo Groblje, not in downtown Belgrade. The demonstrators will participate in the burial ceremony of Predrag Starcevic. The wife of the late Starcevic notified the SPO Information Service, that she and her eleven-year-old son will take part in the civil protest right after the burial ceremony. Mrs. Starcevic participated the protest rallies during the previous days.

[this is a report on Dec. 27, editor]

The police forces carried out yet another brutal act against the citizens in downtown Belgrade. Right after 5 pm, once the protest rally was over, there were only a few hundreds of people left on Terazije, a street in the center of town. At that time, the police and a group of thugs wearing civil clothing attacked the men, women and children. Baseball clubs, sticks, electric police clubs and boots were used. On that occasion, an eleven-year-old girl, an old lady, a few other women, tenth of men, a few Yugoslav and foreign reporters and some passers-by were beaten. The Urgent Health Care Center of Belgrade was yesterday filled with the beaten.

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