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Democracy 12/22/96

OSCE in Belgrade

The head of the Delegation of the Organization for the European Security and Cooperation, the former Spanish Prime Minister Fellipe Gonsales has moderately confirmed estimations about disputed local elections in Serbia. He will present the completed report of the last elections in Serbia to the Authorities in the OSCE up to 25th of December.

"Let us overthrow you"

Was the main slogan message at the yesterdays 32nd day of walking round Belgrade. As it is accustomed at the meeting, after the speeches of the leaders of the Coalition "Together", Zoran in i‘, Vesna Pe i‘ and Vuk Dra kovi‘, dismissed editor journalist in Radio Television of Serbia Vojkan Milenkovi‘, actor Ljubivoje Tadi‘, mayor candidate Sr an Mirkovi‘, and many others have taken part as well.

A huge contra meeting announced

On Tuesday, 24th of December, from the headquarters of Socialist Party of Serbia a huge meeting in Belgrade is announced. Ten thousand luxury busses with no tickets charged is available by the side of the state, while the fuel will be provided by the state enterprise "Yugopetrol". The meeting will be organized during the working hour time, but the day pay is included.

Students protest

Despite the cold weather, yesterday in Belgrade, the students protest continued. The cyclists from Subotica joined the 30th students walk. At the meeting, held as usual before the walk, assistent professor at the Chemical Faculty or e Petrovi‘, professor at the Musical Faculty Olivera ur evi‘, historian Milan St. Proti‘ and the others gave their speeches. The students has announced their customary Sunday evening walk, for tomorrow, 22nd of December.

The high risk day in Kragujevac

Yesterday, in Kragujevac, two totally different meetings held together. One was organized by the Coalition "Together" supported by fifty thousand people, while the other was organized by the Socialists, with the three thousand people gathered from the different villages and towns in the vicinity. Atmosphere was very tense, so the special police forces had to divide those two meetings.

The slogan of the day : Better dead than red The blondes got it, too !

The board of belgrade female blondes

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