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Protests in Serbia Archive
News from Nis, Dec. 16

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The Court Overruled The City Electoral Committee Decision Today at 13.05 the headquarters of the Political organization ZAJEDNO (Together) received the decision of Municipal Court in Nis. The decisions of the City Electoral Committee regarding the election results for the members of the City Assembly of Nis in 26 electoral units were annulled. The anullment followed the complaint of the Political organization ZAJEDNO.

Accepting the objection of the Coalition ZAJEDNO, Municipal Court in Nis ordered the City Electoral Committe to reconsider the decision to annul the second round local elections results. Vice President of Democratic Party, Zoran Zivkovic, explained what this decision means for the Coalition ZAJEDNO: " The decision of the Court gives us hope that still in this country there is something that can be resolved according to the law. That is the voice of good hope, but we are going to wait for the final decision of the Electoral Committee and as long as we are completely assured people will remain in the streets. The decision of the Court orders the City Electoral Committee to give its stand about this order in ten days' term. We will be assured that the results are acknowledged only when our Committee members sit in the City Assembly.

"Conquest of the peak of Serbia"

Today at 12.00 the delegation of the student protest set off walking heading to Belgrade, 240 km northwards. Each of the seventeen students carries a record from one electoral unit where fraud was committed. The expedition intends to reach Belgrade in 48 hours in order to hand in the records and a letter to the president of Serbia.

The Spokesman of the Student protest committee, Nikola Bozinovic, said: " We are ready to do the impossible in order to get what people of our age have by birth - freedom and justice". He pointed out that he himself hopes that when they reach Belgrade on Tuesday, President Milosevic will see them.

Several thousands of fellow-citizens saw them off from the University Square. Numerous reporters including, for the first time, RTS reporters were present there. A first few kilometres the expedition passed followed by a long rally. While leaving Nis the crowd was waving good-bye and cheering "Have a nice walk!"

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