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Protests in Serbia Archive
Belgrade: The 13th day

From: LEPA.MLADJENOVIC@ZAMIR-BG.comlink.apc.org
Newsgroups: yugo.antiwar
Subject: Re: Women in Black report on protests
Date: 01 Dec 1996 10:20:00

To continue the discussion about the 'rightousness of any events in Serbia' there are few more facts:

First, most of the leaders of the opposition coalition 'Zajedno' are male schauvinist men, violent, oppresive, and discriminatiory not only toward women but as well to all other different people.

Second, most of them are serb nationalists, and the ideology behind the oppostion to Milosevic regime is more nationalist than Milosevic's. Which means that most of the activists on the every day marches these days are macho pro Serb men. It is a very unpleasant company to be in.

It is true that on this thirtheenth day, and every day, there are pro democratic people who also march, those who were part of the anti war movement as well. But they are a very minor group, maybe few percent.

About the student demonstrations: the coordination commitee of the Students Protests 96, have stressed that 1, they are independed of the opposition parties, and do not want to join their 3pm marches, the students have their own marches at 12 noon. Second, students said, they are complaining about the unconstitutional acts of annulation the results of local elections, and in order to beleive in the state and its laws they are protesting, underlying that their protest is not to overthrow Milosevic.
Two days ago, a famous serb nationalist writer M.B. who recently wrote a book of poems in which the main idea is that the war is not over, serbs will not give up.... Upon ariving of this gentlement among students, and he has obtained as well a title of academic, he was welcomed with the frenetic apllause from students!

The leaders of Albanian Reppublic of Kosovo has stressed that they have not much to do neither with the present serbian governement, neither with the serbian opposition. Their radio and TV has been cut off six years ago, and B92, alocal only indipended station inBelgrade has been cut two days ago in the most part of town.


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