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Protests in Serbia Archive
B92 jammed again

Belgrade, Serbia, 14:28 local time

The police have again been intruding in the broadcasting of B92's radio program

The electoral headquarters of the coalition Zajedno is informing the home and foreign public that the government of Slobodan Milosevic has again, starting this morning, been intruding in the broadcasting of B92's program.

The intruding of the program is accomplished from the police vehicle plate number M-610-533.

In spite the president s proclamation, (given to his public 10 days ago) that the Radio B 92 will be allowed to freely broadcast their program, with this vandalistic act of repression towards the independent media he has menaged to show his incapability to stand up to his word as well as his duties.

The Coalition Zajedno assumes that the program is intruded because the president Milosevic does not want his public to find out the final report of the OSCE mission as well as about the student and the coalition Zajedno demonstrations.

Belgrade, December 27, 1996.

Information center of coalition Zajedno

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