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Protests in Serbia Archive
Declaration of the Belgrade Circle

The Belgrade Circle send a declaration of Nov. 30

We call on the ruling regime to accept without further delay responsibility and blame for the crisis which is spreading throughout Serbia. The citizens of Serbia rightfully demand from the authorities to an open, public, clear and unambiguous account for the obvious downfall of the country. Those who initiated war, international isolation, economic collapse, criminalisation of society and systematic defrauding of citizens deserve no respect or esteem. The latest episode - the manipulation of votes in local elections in Serbia - indicates that the regime continues its strangle-hold on power and wants to exercise total control. The free will of the voters has once more been violeted. The dignity of citizens has been abased. Therefore, we call on the citizens of Belgrade, Serbia and the FR Yugoslavia to courageously organize themselves and raise their voices together against political manipulation. We believe in peaceful rebellion, in unflagging solidarity and in all forms of civil disobedience. Members and friends of Belgrade Circle condemn and reject the self-serving behaviour of the authorities. No concessions will be made to the arrogant authoritarian ruling regime.


In Belgrade, on 30 November 1996

Narodnog Fronta 60/II, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia
phone/fax (381 11) 64 34 09
e-mail: beokrug_bg@zamir-bg.ztn.apc.org

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