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Protests in Serbia Archive
Zajedno coalition fears police crackdown


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, issued a statement through state media.

"Police will not tolerate traffic blockade in the future, and warns demonstration organizers that, therefore, they have to strictly follow the public order law.
City streets cannot be occupied or blocked by any group of citizens or organization, because it is causing damage to other citizens and economy.
In case of breaking a law and further violation of public law and order, police will intervene according to the rules and their duties".
End quote

We have information that large police forces are prepared to intervene tomorrow, and they are ready to use water cannons.
It is obvious now that so-called "defending the law" was just an excuse for Milosevic s regime to use brutal force against demonstrators yesterday. In their arrogance they falsely accused through state media the opposition for wounding the member of the "Zajedno" coalition.
Ivica Lazovic (now in critical condition) father of four, member of the Serbian Renewal Movement, was shot in the head, by the one of SPS supporters.

Zajedno coalition
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Demokratska stranka (Democratic party)
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