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Protests in Serbia Archive
Serbian Renewal Movement: Statement December 23

Milosevic to instigate civil war in Serbia

Serbian Renewal Movement warns that the Socialist Party of Serbia, by organizing "contra-rallies", is provoking civil war in Serbia. What Slobodan Milosevic needs is a reason for proclaiming a state of emergency in Serbia, as this is now the only way for him to stay in power.

Although the Socialist Party of Serbia officials refuse to admit that such a rally is to be held December 24 in Belgrade, the Serbian Renewal Movement members from different places in Serbia inform that the Socialist Party has rented some 10,000 buses and other means of transportation in order to bring to Belgrade a large number of people to the same place where citizens of Belgrade have been gathering for more than a month now in their protests against the obvious election fraud and against Slobodan Milosevic's state, political and judicial terror.

Citizens of Belgrade and the Coalition Zajedno supporters want their protests be and remain peaceful. However, we have been informed that the Socialist Party plans to send into the democratically oriented demonstrators plainclothes men and provokers, whose task would be to trigger a conflict with unforeseeable results.

Serbian Renewal Movement Information Service

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