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Protests in Serbia Archive
News from Serbian Renewal Movement

December 12, 1996

Twenty second day of protests in Belgrade

The streets and squares of Belgrade saw even larger crowds of demonstrators than in the privios three weeks. People were marching peacefully, following the usual route and reaching finally the Square of Liberty, where the leaders of the coalition Yajedno addressed the meeting. Speeches were also made by Aleksandar Baljak, writer and aphorist, and Rade Radovanovic, who spoke on behalf of the Trade Union Association "Independence", saying that members of this association give their full moral support to demonstrators and adding that they would soon join the protesters in the streets.

Vuk Draskovic, president of the Serbian Renewal Movement, said: "In our current struggle there are no casualties, no machine-guns or bombs, so there is no retreat. We can only go forward in our day-to- day struggle for democracy."

Student letter to dr. Mira Markovic, wife of Serbia`s president, ideologist of Yugoslav communists

Students of the Belgrade University of Arts have sent an open letter to Mrs. Mira Markovic reacting to her comments on students` demonstrations lasting over the few weeks in Belgrade, insinuating it was a case of children`s abuse by some political parties.
"We take this opportunity to remind you of the manipulations and abuse of children and youth practised by leftist parties at the promotions of your party and the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia." In this letter are also given dates and occasions when the youth took part in various promotions of the leftist parties. According to the UN Charter on children`s right, the students warn, "every man, regardlles of age, has the right to express his opinion in a peaceful way."

Milosevic`s terror continues

Despite his promises that there would be no detonations of participants of peaceful demonstrations, Milosevic`s repression and terror continue against people who peacefully protest against annulment of the results of local elections.

At the meeting yesterday, four policemen beat up Gojko Baletic, a well-known actor. After he had been knocked unconscious, he was handcuffed and driven away in a police car.
Accordingly, detention and beating up of the young Dejan Bulatovic was not an excess, it only reveals the intetion of Milosevic`s police to scare the people by beating up demonstrators.

Socialists` revenge in Bela Crkva

A recent case is of the revenge taken by the defeated socialists in Bela Crkva. Nenad Marila, driver, employed by the transport company "Stup", vice-president of the SRM Regional Committee in Bela Crkva, who had in the first polling round outvoted his opponent Milorad Djuraskovic, member of the Socialist Party and mayor of Bela Crkva - got the sack. The document was signed by Milan Djuric, director.
According to SRM Information Service, Marila refused to acknowledge dismissal.


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