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Protests in Serbia Archive
News from Serbian Renewal Movement Dec. 19

Twenty ninth day of protests in Belgrade

As part of daily routine, people were walking along the streets of Belgrade, protesting. They stopped in front of the Russian Embassy and showed their disapproval by hissing and shouting "Red bandits", condemning the Russian standpoint in favor of Slobodan Milosevic' s policy.

More than 100, 000 people walked in the rally and in the end returned to the Square of Liberty as usual , where they were addressed by the leaders of Coalition Zajedno.

Commenting on the meeting of Serbian president with the Nis University students, Vuk Draskovic, president of the Serbian Renewal Movement, said:

"Theater, theater -- and a bad actor. There is no happiness, there is nothing until he steps down. Everything was ordered by him personally. He is in control of everything, he tried to perform, but his acting was bad. I hope all this will end up with his resignation."

Today, the Coalition Zajedno is organizing a special event in the Square of Liberty, as it is St. Nichola's day, the patron saint of a large number of Serbs, including the leaders of the Coalition Zajedno, Vuk Draskovic and Zoran Djindjic. The ritual cutting up of the cake /Slava cake/ and gifts of food and drink for all the people in the square will be part of the ceremony.

Vuk Draskovic addressing the 19 December meeting in Belgrade

"Jesus Christ and the girl"

Dear citizens!

The hatred between Jews and Samaritans was so fierce that they refused to speak to one another. Therefore, when trawelling to Jerusalem from Galilee for passover, it took the fifteen days longer, as they took a roundabout route so as to avoid passing through Samaria.

One day, however, a young Jew crossed Samaria on his way to Jerusalem and found a girl standing by a well.

"Give me some water, sister" he said.

That young man who turned water into wine, i.e., agelong hatred into love, was Jesus Christ.

What was our common state until recently, has been broken up into several Galilees and Samarias. In a dreadful, unreasonable war, millions of people embraced hatred as their creed.

This Serbia walking about the streets for thirty days now, this Serbia celebrating St. Nicholas, her patron saint, wishes that in every Galilee and Samaria of the former Yugoslavia may begin to flow from the well by which Jesus Christ met the Samaritan girl.

What we insist on is reconciliation and repentance of the antagonized people and nations.

We insist on ensuring the right of every individual to return to his/her home and his/her native region, the right of every Serb, Croat or Moslem. We insist on the universal respect for civil, religious, cultural and political rights in Serbia, as well as in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition, we insist that those who are responsible for implanting hatred and committing war crimes face punishment in their earthly lives, not only in Heaven.

We insist that Santic and his Emina should be good neighbors in Mostar.

Today, on St. Nichola's day, I invite Mr. Milosevic to pull himself together and stop putting up the wall of hatred in this country of ours, Serbia.

He must be forced to realize that the will of the people ranks higher than the will of each individual and each political party.

For thirty days already, we have been defending the right of Serbian citizens to freely express their will in the elections. By so doing, we are struggling for the observance of the Christ's commandement; DO NOT STEAL!

Serbian Renewal Movement Information Service

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