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Protests in Serbia Archive
Democratic party: news of Dec. 23

Awaiting the recognition

The head of the Legal Council of the Coalition "Together" Mr. Dragor Hiber has declared today to the BETA press agency, he expects that the original results of the local elections of the 17th November will be recognized by the Organization for European Security and Cooperation.

Over one hundred thousand people yesterday in rain

Belgrade citizens expressed yesterday for the 33rd time, by the usual walk, their discontent about the present situation in Serbia. During the walk, as it is accustomed, they were whistling, listening to the music, and waving to the onlookers. After the walk, the meeting commenced by the anthem "Boze Pravde". The leaders of the Coalition "Together", Zoran Djindjic, Vesna Pesic and Vuk Draskovic took part in the meeting by delivering speeches, as well as some others.

Students walked twice yesterday

Yesterday, after the brief meeting on the "Plato" square, students continued their protest walk round the streets of Belgrade. Despite the cold weather and rain, they gathered again in the evening trying to enlighten Belgrade with candles, torches and battery lamps. The evening walks are planned for every Sunday evening, and they are symbolically called Removing the dark. The slogan of the day:
I'm fed up with dog s life ! --Seen at the dog s back

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