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Protests in Serbia Archive
Zajedno coalition press service, Dec 23


14h local time

Milosevic's party prepares conflict in the centre of Belgrade

According to the latest information that "Zajedno" coalition has received from the police sources, Milosevic's party organises a group of policemen disguised as civilians to take part in tomorrow's rally of support for Milosevic's answer to Mr.Warren Christopher's letter.
The policemen disguised as civilians are planned to initiate incidents, and conflicts with peaceful demonstrators, to take away PA system by force and tear foreign flags, as well as the coalition marks.

This information is a dramatic warning to the world public, showing that Mr.Milosevic has lost patience and made a decision to break peaceful demonstrations by force, even at the cost of civil war in Serbia.
We warn all representatives of international community and foreign embassies that "Zajedno" coalition keeps on insisting on peaceful demonstrations and that Mr.Milosevic and leaders of his party are responsible for possible violence.

Zajedno coalition
press service
Demokratska stranka (Democratic party)
e-mail: info@demokratska.org.yu
Terazije 3/4, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia
(+381 11 3229 351)

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