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Protests in Serbia Archive
Coalition Zajedno: Police harassment in Serbia




After unsuccessful attempts to frighten citizens who are protesting against him across Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic 's regime has changed the strategy. His police are now arresting demonstrators in small towns trying to frighten citizens and stop protests in such places.

Yesterday, Goran Krstic, from Vranje, was detained and severely beaten. He was detained late Thursday, together with the coalition Zajedno activists Dragan Mihajlovic and Milivoj Cvetkovic.

Krstic underwent medical treatment due to heavy beatings. At the same time, the Zajedno coalition was warned by Vranje police chief Lt. Col. Stojan Stojmenovic that in future "police will act upon order in case of disobedience."

Zajecar police arrested last night members of the Zajedno coalition Cedomir Jovanovic and Dragan Milicevic for "inviting citizens for Zajedno protest too loudly."

JUL officials Tomislav Kujundzic and Zoran Vukadinovic physically attacked the Zajedno coalition activist Momir Radosavljevic in Kraljevo yesterday.

The regime attempted to forcibly and illegally constitute town halls in Kraljevo and in Sabac where SPS lost elections. Ten thousand Kraljevo citizens gathered around the town hall, were prevented by police to peacefully protest. Police didn't intervene to protect the Zajedno coalition deputy.

At the same time, we are warning local and international public that Slobodan Milosevic is violating human and civil rights of Serbia's citizens. The Zajedno coalition members are massively being fired upon Milossevic's order. On the other hand, citizens, workers and retirees are forced by police and state companies' management to attend the rallies "in support of Slobodan Milosevic." They have been threatened to get stripped of their pensions and salaries, if they are not registered as participants in these rallies.

Information centre Democratic coalition ZAJEDNO (Togehther), Serbia

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