The Newsletters
(bpnb1200) December 2000, Is it time to close the door, or is it not?
(bpnb1100) November 2000, After election depression
(bpnb1000) October 2000, preparing sanity and elections
(bpnb0900) September 2000, The end of Milosevic
(bpnb0800) August 2000,The truth is transperant, one does not notice
(bpnb0700) July 2000, Summer of action
(bpnb0600) June 2000, Last time = once again? June walk trough BiH
(bpnb0500) May 2000, More interesting stuff with more people cooperating
(bpnb0400) April 2000, April of expectations. And, elections
(bpnb0300) March 2000, Third month in year. Sth new or things all the same...
(bpnb0200) February 2000, We have tried to reach your imagination
(bpnb0100) January 2000, The begining of an era
(bpnb1299) December 1999, The end of an era
(bpnb1199) November 1999, Ingredients of the autumn
(bpnb1099) October 1999, Sessions and attacs
(bpnb0999) September 1999, Humanitairian aid will withdraw itself form BiH
(bpnb0899) August 1999, Sability pact.
(bpnb0799) July 1999, a state of mind and the mind of the state.
(bpnb0699) June 1999,  freedom in general and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(bpnb0599) May 1999, a May Day in dusk of misery .
(bpnb0499) April 1999, fly over the bosnian identity.
(bpnb0399) March 1999, (cultural and political) assassinations in Sarajevo.
(bpnb0299) February 1999, about Brcko, Westendorp, third entitys.. .
(bpnb0199) January 1999, political stuff, mostly and only.
(bpnb1298) December 1998, froozen fingers and hot politicians.
(bpnb1198) November 1998, in between the good things of life, but not in it.
(bpnb1098) October 1998, the colors were so beautifull I became stoned of it.
(bpnb0998) September 1998, no smart words at the end.
(bpnb0898) August 1998, a stormy month and an interesting book.
(bpnb0798) July 1998, Bosnia effervesces because of changes.
(bpnb0698) June 1998, it looks like we're becoming a political informers.
(bpnb0598) May 1998, conclusion; the newsletter is good.
(bpnb0498) April 1998, an overview of political and cultural happenings.
(bpnb0398) March 1998, Dobrinja, the edge of town.
(bpnb0298) February 1998, there is a lot going on in Hrasno.
(bpnb0198) January 1998, celebration days and cities.
(bpnb1297) December 1997, on the banks of the river Miljacka.
(bpnb1197) November 1997, additional information and a story.
(bpnb1097) October 1997, the 0 number.