Who are the Peacemakers?

The black-haired man stood up to greet me.  I felt as if I fell into his eyes, they were so deep and vast.  "My name is Duro, "he said.  "I am very happy to meet you, Jimmy."
"I am very happy to finally meet you as well:, I said.  "I feel as though you have been the greatest mystery of my stay in Croatia. I have heard of  you and yet I know nothing about you."
He looked at me and smiled. "I will begin at the beginning," he said. "All though history humanity has been in conflict.  This conflict reveals itself in every relationship, including between large groups of people. When this feeling of conflict becomes great, nations go to war. The fighting kills thousands, or millions. Conflict in the world is the result of the feeling of conflict within us. We project that feeling into the world because we are not ready to accept that we are the cause, and therefore the solution to
that conflict. Thus have wars raged in the world since the beginning of time, because we were not ready to deal with the conflict within us.
"For thousands of years there has been a secret society whose responsibility it was to give humanity the chance to mature. This society has always existed near a place in the world where the conflict is greatest, in a country or area experiencing the most hatred, greed and war. This is because the power of their work is greatest when it dissolves conflict from the center, or from the place where it is thickest.
"These people therefore live silently, invisibly, without ever being noticed, in the center of despair, in the middle on conflict. Their work is not seen by the world. It is a spiritual work, its function being to
extent the magnificence of Divine Light through all the world. "in this way they inspire peace, they give hope and instill the desire for forgiveness. Wars end, people and nations learn from their mistakes. Each time humanity comes a little closer to accepting the truth of creation, that peace and conflict both reside within, and it is only there that it can be resolved, experienced and lived. This community, called the Emissaries of  Light, will continue to exist in areas of extreme conflict until this has happened. Then it will not be needed. "And that day is coming soon, "he said.  "It is when the world seems the furthest away from peace that it is closest. If you look at the world it is clear that we have more power, more weaponry, and more hate that ever before.  But at the same time, there is more understanding, more hope, and more desire for peace than the world has ever known
"These two seemingly opposite experiences indicate that humanity is growing close to the time appointed for it to move past its separate-mind, warring thought system, to a world of peace, cooperation and harmony. This has been indicated by the global changes observed in recent years.  It has also been prophesied by all the ancient cultures and religions. This is the time they were all referring to.
"But none of them were aware of the work and mission of the Emissaries. This is because it was essential that their presence and influence remain a secret. Their function has been to remain hidden, doing their work for humanity and silently setting the stage for the day when their job would not be required. This would happen when humanity had matured to accept responsibility for what it has created. That time is nearly here."
"You said that these Emissaries of Light have been around for thousands of years," I said. "how have they been able to remain hidden, and how do they continue when each generation dies?"
"How they have remained hidden is impossible to say," Duro said.
"Emissaries posses a divine understanding that is unknown to the rest of us. They are able to be, or not be, wherever they choose. As for as continuing after they die, when each Emissary has finished their work they are released.
"This does not mean that they die, but are somehow changed. You might call this ascension. When this happens they need to be replaced because a particular number must be maintained. One is called to be an Emissary. I am not sure how this happens. One who has been chosen simply finds themselves there, without explanation. Perhaps they feel an uncontrollable urge to visit a part of the world they have never been to, perhaps a place that is involved in a terrible war.  No one understands why they go, but they do. Once there are led to the community which is always hidden away in some remote area.  When they arrive they realize that this is the place that they were searching for. They assume their place around the wheel."

Jimmy and his company then travel into the mountains on the border of Bosnia and Croatia to meet this mystical community. They’re Jimmy meets the one know as "Teacher" who continues to explain to him the Emissaries' purpose and his own personal role in the calling.
When will the changes occur?
"For thousands of years the Emissaries of Light have prepared the world for this time. Our only function has been to keep the doors of heaven open, or to keep the flow of Divine Light continuous and strong. Because humanity has chosen this strange path, we have existed to speed up the return to love. Our work has been to translate the energies of hate and fear to joy and innocence.
"We have placed ourselves here physically to show the irreconcilable differences between love and fear. One doesn't turn on a spotlight in the daytime. You turn it on at night because it is only at night that the light will be seen clearly. Amid the smoke and debris of war comes a light so bright that it cannot be ignored.
"We carry out this mission in secret because it is not necessary that people know we are here.  Imagine what would happen if they knew we were here. Until now they have not been ready to understand what it is that we do. But that is changing. We have been the guardians of the human race. Until now we have waited in the shadows for humanity to be ready to control its own destiny.  There are now enough enlightened minds to make this possible. The shift from fear to love will be easy if those who have accepted love will step forward and act as stewards to this awakening.  Knowing about the work of the Emissaries will speed up this movement. When humanity chooses
to accept freedom over bondage, our job will be done. This is what you must communicate to the world Jimmy.
 "Now that you are here your life will never be the same again. You have accepted a most important mission, to proclaim the end of time. But the end of time will not come like people think, in puff of smoke. Time will end in Light because it began in darkness. Time will end when humanity accepts
eternity as its home.  This is indeed the single most important moment in history. Tour function is to help people understand the true meaning of peace so they can choose love over fear." "Why is it so important that I teach these things?" I asked
  "For two reasons. The first is that people need to release their fear in order to take the next step in this global awakening. The second is that the energy that will be generated by massive numbers of people learning to channel Divine Light will enable humanity to step past the appearance of change, to the changeless within them. This is the shift we speak of. It is not a shift into darkness, like most people think, but into light. The light we speak of is a shift to truth, a step away from the illusion of
separation to the reality of unity."
"When exactly will all this happen?" I asked
"Very soon. Nearly everyone on the planet has noticed the changes, both in consciousness and the environment. Of course the changes in the environment are simply a reflection of changes in consciousness. The expression of fear is greater than ever, but so is the extension of love. These energies seem to be moving in two opposite directions. The world often feels like it will split in two.
"But the spiritual awakening you have seen is just the beginning. As more and more people choose to release their fear and live in love, an awakening will occur that the universe has never seen before. It is ready to happen. But the scaffolding must be removed before we are able to see the inside of a  most magnificent temple. The frescoes have been painted, but we can't appreciate them until the scaffolding had been removed. The process of removing the scaffolding be seem violent or traumatic, but it is necessary in order to see the beauty of the temple. That is why it is so important that people learn about Divine Light because it teaches them who they really are. Releasing fear is all that is required to regain your freedom. Everything you have always wanted is already yours.  It's time for people to understand how simple this is."
snippage- panicking retreating soldiers are seen coming their way and they all go outside and lay still on the ground, they are not seen... then this is explained and I cut to the very end of the explanation:  "...The emissaries have the ability to project their thoughts great distances. All we have to do is not interfere. That is why we get on the ground and clear our minds...."
"Remember, One Mind - this is the key. This is also a clue to the secret work of the Emissaries. The soldiers never saw us because they didn't recognize us. Does this make any sense? You see we accept peace for humanity, that which humanity on its own refuses to accept. How could they recognize us when all they see is war? "People need to take responsibility for themselves.
People need to choose peace, firmly and finally.  As I said many times before, everything we experience is a choice we make.
"If you want to know what choice your making, look around you. What do you see, conflict or peace?  This is the first lesson an Emissary of Light must learn, that everything they experience is there because they wanted it. When you accept this then you can begin to change your experience. You are the cause and the world is the effect. Change your mind about the world and the world changes.
"A critical mass has almost been reached. When there are enough people on the planet bridging the imaginary gap between truth and illusion, the Emissaries you see here will not be needed to maintain the momentum. This is the maturing of humanity. At that point a global awakening will happen that you cannot even imagine. A new era has arrived, Jimmy, an era for which the world was created, where peace is the rule, not conflict, and love is the law, not hatred.
"Seek not peace here, but find it everywhere. Seek peace where it really is, within you. Then extend that peace wherever you are, to whoever you meet. Then the world that was born from conflict will change by itself. It will begin to reflect the choice you have made, the choice to see peace where it really is. Lasting peace will never come to a world that thinks it has a choice between peace and war.  The only choice that you ever really make is between truth and illusion."

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