Peace Office Outpost Sarajevo, bpnb0999

POO is close to the end of it's working period. This period, which took two years, demanded a lot of energy and there were many divers results. We now are investigating the possibilities for POO to continue it's work in Bosnie Hercegovina. The need for that is still at present. It is only now that the land is recovering from the tremendous war that took place. In several cities and regions the houses are rebuild, the people and the state are investing in the infrastructure and the people start speaking about 'the people and the government' again instead of 'the Serbs, the Croats and the Muslims'.

Subject of this month are:

a: Holbrook in Bosnia and Herzegovina
b: Firing of Nikola Poplasen
c: Terrorists with Bosnian Passports
d: Conflict of self-willness and collective
e: Mostar under blockade
f: Festival "Ljubljana - Sarajevo 1999" took place
g: Peace Office Eindhoven, View the day