Buitenpost Sarajevo, bpnb0298

Trying to get back on the time-track, we rushed through Hrasno. A communistic neighborhood with skyscrapers and appartment buildings, almost completely destoyed by the nationalists, and now rebuilded by the population and the international community. There is a lot going on in Hrasno.

The Februarienumber (bpnb0298) contains

1. Gras; the company for public transport
2. Cultural information

a. The Sarajevo Winter Festival
b. Ambrosia
c. Djordje Balasevic
d. Sumski
3. Amsterdam City Link Project
4. Tone Roze; my neighbor
5. Political comtemplation and current cases
6. POO project report indication
7. Bart Lodewijks: the film is not yet finished but...