Peace Office Outpost Sarajevo, bpnb1099

The winter is coming and everywhere preparations are made, like we are doing. In many places people work very hard, and not just only because of the winter coming up. In Banja Luka they finally started to renew the infrastructure of the roads and also the side river of the Vrbas, next to the big marked and therefor filled with garbage, rats and smell, is being covered. In the villages and small towns people toil and moil the wood and other winter suplies.
By the way, striking to see that less and less food is availlable in the shops, a thing going on for several month now. Between the cities, roads are provided with guard-rail and white stripes. The reconstruction work on the brigdes between RS and Croatia are getting finished. In Sarajevo and in Jajce people are repairing the streetlamps...

Subject of this month are:

Political & civil news from BiH

a: Representative Home of Bosnian Parliament/Representative Home of Federation - Sessions
b: Sessions of Republika Srpska Assembly and the Bosnian Presidency
c: Presidential Crisis in Republika Srpska
d: Srebrenica - Attack on Munib Hasanovic
e: Mostar under Blockade (part 2)
f: Demonstrations of BiH & Sarajevo Pensioners
g: Kofi Annan, Sarajevo and 6 billionth Earthian
h: BiH Presidential Trio in Slovenia
i: Ecological conference in Banja Luka
j: Album readings and publications
k: Jeepiada Zelenkovac