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Peace Office Outpost Information

 The Dutch Peace Office has worked successfully on a donation project in cooperation with Community Music Sarajevo in 1996 and ‘97. This supporting project is related to the donation of cultural facilities, the support of Special Music Education and the exchange of information.

 The invested energy requires a sensible amplification and the ideas for the (social) rebuilding of Bosnia Hercegovina accumulate. It is for this reason that the Peace Office decided to start an experiment. The foundation of a branch office, The Peace Office Outpost, in Sarajevo

 We believe that a branch office could create an open line between here and there, it could unfold and stimulate many good and different initiatives. Initiatives that could keep the consciousness awake in the world around, initiatives that spreads information and activates people. Initiatives that incite individuals and professionals to work for a normalization on the Balkan, and in their own region. With the same initiatives many different small organizations in Sarajevo could be supported while remaining independent. Many people could profit, get possibilities, get small jobs and good joy.

Tasks and Aims of the P.O.O

to organize inter-regional and international cultural activities which are pointed to the youth.
These activities often have a social, cultural or educational background above economical reasons.
Related to this is the foundation of an office that supplies cultural facilities.
The aim of this is both to supply the facilities and teach and employ local people to work with these facilities. This cultural management office also has the task to make a clear report about the present and non present needs required to speak about a pluralistic cultural infrastructure.
  To supply and support information exchange between Bosnia and other places in the world, like the Netherlands, former Yugoslavia, en eventually other countries.
This will happen through informationprograms in the Eindhoven region and other places in the Netherlands, through a monthly newsletter, through an internet magazine and through elaboration of specific questions from out the society. To supply the Dutch Peace Office with information and to organize inter-regional and international cultural activities are integral parts of this topic.
  Stimulation of foreign involvement towards the (social) reconstruction of Bosnia Hercegovina.
This includes; to lower the thrashold for visiting BiH; to initiate and actively stimulate foreign ideas; to prepare and guide foreign visitors; to supply information for seminars, meetings and so on, and; to promote Bosnian products abroad.
P.O.O. works with several smaller, in itself independent, projects.
P.O.O. works according a two year plan with an option for a third year.
The aim is to establish an independent cultural management office that finally will be run by a small, capable and experienced staff.

 P.O.O. is open for any suggestion concerning the relation the World versus Bosnia.

 P.O.O. is known in the Netherlands as ‘Buitenpost’.

 With friendly regards

 The Dutch Peaceoffice
attn; Hans Matheeuwsen
Grote Berg 41
5611 KH Eindhoven
tel / fax; 00 31 40 2444 707
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Buitenpost Sarajevo (P.O.O.)
Coordinator: Martin S. Past
Cooperator: Darko Kujundzic
Postanska Pretinac 147
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia Hercegovina
tel & fax 00 387 71 536855
mobile (00 31) (0) 6 53523896
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