Peace Office Outpost Sarajevo, bpnb0499

Hello, or... This time the entire newsletter is edited and written by Darko considering that Martin is out of Sarajevo and Bosnia. Large part of what is written is dedicated or has something to do with the situation in Yugoslavia. It's our reality and there's no point in running away from it, no matter how bad it is. Especially considering the reflection of it on Bosnian reality. I know that a lot has been said about it in the last 30 days, maybe too much, but this is our (or mine) version of the story. It's easy to avoid.
But, if you're interested... here are some interesting stuff.

Subject of this month are:

1. Political news from BiH
a: Begining of April - BH politics review
b: End of April - BH politics review
c: Refugees
2. Opening of Schuler Helfen Leben center in Sarajevo