Peace Office Outpost Sarajevo, bpnb0998

While we went all together to the FFoCSF, others accused us to boycoy the elections. Well, I can tell you that we were with 40 people and only one mantioned he would go and vote suppose we was in BiH. So we didn't make that much of a difference on the results.
The fact the elections registrated a result of 65% of the people went to vote also surprised us. Only very few of the people I spoke with wanted to go and vote and I spoke with many about the subject. "The politics ruined the country, I'm not going to spend time on them', 'Do I have to choose for some-one who's lying or some-one else who is lying', etcetera.
The Dayton agreements are far from ideal and Bosnia has a long way to go to democracy.

The subjects

1. A diary of our experiences during the Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society festival
2. A report about the results of the elections in Bosnia Hercegovina