Media Information in [and about] Bosnia Hercegovina
This page contains all information as we have spread in our newsletters throughout the years. It is not meant to be a complete overview. You can add yourself on this site by sending us your adres.


* OHR and the media, October 2000
* An article in the BiH media about BiH and the media, September 2000
* Senad Hadzifejzovic, the main editor of RTVBiH fired, July 2000
* Independent media or "Independent media", June 2000
* Elections are comming; media is the first rto know, February 2000
* Helsinki Committy report 1999, January 2000
* Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of the century, November 1999
* Arrestings of journalists, September 1999
* Media Freedom in BIH, June 1999
* The End of Channel "S" Broadcasting, May 1999
* Bosniak Television- flight over a cuckoo identity, April 1999
* Media freedom in Bosnia, October 1998
* Replacements of media editors in RS, August 1998
* A local criminal boss in the editorial office of magazine BH DANI, June 1998
* Conflict of OSCE and local media, June 1998
* Change of rules for media treatment of elections in September, May 1998
* Transformation of Media, April 1998


* Shocking Blues & Raggae, By Hardheaded Soul
* Dayton Import Export, By Bart Lodewijks en Gerard Hulsenbeck
* Boro, why didn't you leave, By Bart Lodewijks en Gerard Hulsenbeck
* Yet untitled, By EricTriantafillou
* Yet untitled, By Jayce Salloum


* The Banja Luka CD Rom
* Alcak, a satiric magazine


* Links to different media in Bosnia Hercegovina and ex Yugoslavia