[who, what, how, when and why?]

Bosnian journalistic sky (what a word, ha!) has got a new mind product (to continue the same way). The magazine is called "Alcak", Sarajevo independent weekly. Born from the late Sarajevo magazine "Fan", Alcak continues its odissey (hohoho...) as a satirical paper following old paths of Split Feral Tribune.
Let us not kid ourselves, there is not so much politics in this, and if there is, it is not painful and insulting. By its definition, Alcak is a satirical magazine.
Fooling around with all kinds of things in a typical Sarajevo manner, but as I see it, they never cross the line. In comparison to Polikita, Bosnian colleagues on satire, it is possible to notice a lot more interesting things in contents - while Polikita is completely oriented to politics and satire, often in a hard way - here you can find a weekly review of events in the city and more fun.
The magazine is out once a week, the price is 1 pitiful DM/KM and I hope they will make something of themselves - that they will not close down , as it is a tradition for most of the "different" BiH media.

Contact on:

Alcak magazin
Sakiba Nisica 7
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina