Vildana Selimbegovic/THE SEVENTH DAY

BH DaniAt the end of the month, according to some well informed sources close to the local AID, the local intelligence service plans to enroll into the democratic world.This deserves a lot of attention: there will be enormous interesting historic material put to public view - files made 50 years ago will be opened. That is how the modern world does things and that is the world in which we wish to be involved. This means that the painful checkings - you are for Tito or for Stalin, who doubts the bright future of the labour movement or the thesis on the world conspiricy of a certain person who admired a certain Russian woman - will get its formed, tragic or less tragic, human destinies, jail days and nights, trips to Goli otok or at least the torturing transport to the nearest dungeon. Bosanska krajina will remember its relatively near past: Cazin rebellion should also get its names, surnames and pages of individual testimonies on motives for participation in the preparation of the people's protest.
And everything could be comended if, at the same time with the announcement of doors opening to democracy all the way up to the darkest times of UDBA, this well informed source had not mentioned one problem facing the intelligence service already: there are those who request that their files whould be burnt, destroyes or simply removed. Who are they? I cannot believe that they should be looked for among the presidents of pensioner's associations who are intensively explaining how they earned their pittiful pensions honestly and hardly for decades. A better guess is that they are those who have the power over information so they can orchestrate it, make doses of it according to the needs of the history made for themselves, they are the same ones who are close enough so the doors that are jealously guarded by those gentlemen from the intelligence service are easily opening for them: the doors to hell archives that the files are saying about. Who reviewed, who betrayed who? Whose file got a stamp: informer?!
History, no matter how important for the collective, is always a collection of individual stories. And usually one is more important than the other but only all of them together and completed can give a full picture. And the recent past has so painfully proved that. At the slope of mountain Trebevic, where Sarajevo was desperately defended, behind the curtains of heroism Kazani were created. The pit from which the bones have not been counted yet, whose victims are still waiting for their funerals and whose executioners are still afraid of the Hague. The founder, actor and executionist from Kazani, Musan Topalovic Caco, never said a word about Kazani: he defended himself with the murder of nine young men and he himself was murdered under mysterious circumstances on 27 October 1993. Four years later, from a NN grave he was moved to a veteran semetery Kovaci: the funeral in which there was 20.000 people praying, could have been seen again last Sunday in the evening hours on BHT. Documentary film by Sukrija Omeragic was announced in a benign manner, like it was just an ordinary Sarajevo funeral. But is it really so? Or were the manipulators of people's conscience involved in this again, the homogeniors of populationdo that in order to awake the sleepy ones and win the following elections? They are the same ones who do not wish to wait until year 2043. for the file Kazani to open.So they act in this time.
Let's be honest: nothing in this country happens by accident including the time of opening of the files. If the intelligence realizes its intention, it will be a good pre-election move for disgracing SDP and bring to light (with everything else) the juicy details on those who praized Tito and the party, Yugoslavia and its brotherhood and unity, ordering the arrests of those who were against those beliefs. This, of course, should not be hidden, but it seems that with this revision of the far past we need a revision of the recent past as well, including the opening of the secret service files that were made in the last ten years: only than we can make a full story on Caco and find out how the power and Bosnia were divided with Karadzic and Boban, how the "virtuous coffee-cup Bosnia" was prepared, how the new class of millioners was created how the money for the defence and reconstruction of Bosnia was shared...

(published in the independent magazine BH DANI, number 173, 22. September 2000,