De Wandelende Tak (The Walking Branch)

New get this in time, be close to the heat and pump up your volume. The Walking Branch is a Dutch radio program that exists for over 10 years. It seeks to the rooks of music from all over the world. These days there are programs about Saeta, Andalusian music; Music form Uganda (Kikwabanga); Mirabai from Rajasthan; Moroccan music made by females; Suara Suara from Indonesia; Oral Altai, Finno-Ugrigian and Turkish people who play that music, and so on.
On 15th of June there will be a version of the Bosnian Branch. POO provides music for a program about the music from the history of Bosnia (Zikr), music from Bosnian influences in Yugoslavia (bregovic), music from the city during the war (SCH), music from after the war (Ornamenti) and a lot more.

De Wandelende Tak
Radio 4

For those who can not receive the Dutch radio. Maybe from July in the air: through local channels in sarajevo: Sjuti i Slusaj. From the same DJ but with music that can be the best described as; something between American rock and Russian folk.

For those who are also not able to receive that: or you move your ass to where the heat is or you stop complaining and enjoy you own local radio station.

AZC refugee camp Crailo

Last month I went to Holland and Darko was taking care of the newsletter. It was not only a short letter because he did it on his own, it was also shorter because we got many reactions people thought it was too much we pumped up through cyberspace, and braincells, every month.
So we decided to write less but more intense. One thing Darko didn’t write about last month, and how could he, was the fact that POO was host to Jehanne van Woerkom. Jehanne is working voluntarily in refugee camp Crailo in Holland. She’s working with children between two and four years old. Jehanne came to Sarajevo to be on a seminar about traumatized children. In fact she stayed longer than I did but in her letter afterwards she said that she got quite confused about the enormous potential of educated psychiatrists and experienced people talking many things she didn’t understand a single thing of. While she thought she had quite some experience as well in working with traumatized children herself.

I believe that Jehanne, even not completely aware of the specific situation in the Balkan, and maybe a little bit naive towards the rudeness of this world, had the full right to laugh at all those people who think they can laugh about other because they do want to feel better. Jehanne obviously didn’t want to feel better, she just wanted to feel good.

I found a small book on my desk, next to that letter. It is a small book that she wrote during her work in the refugee camp. It is a brilliant book about things you never expected to be normal. Surely not in Holland, the country so many young Bosnian people dream of every time they smoke a .... they smoke a (?)..... when they smoke a big cigarette.

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Dayton Import Export

Also from Holland and therefor specially interesting for the Dutch readers of this magazine.
Sorry al you folks around the world. The Dutch readers are not convinced yet they all want to read this. They complain it is too much of information. In stead of making themselves a selection the use their luxury situation to tell others it could be better. Well, here they got some, lets see if they can find out what it is.

Bart Lodewijks and Gerard Hulsenbeck finished the film they recorded in Bosnia Hercegovina last new year. the Film is called “Dayton Import Export” and it is a short film, approximately 20 minutes. It shows how foreigners show the news at their home, it shows the happy new year celebration in Sarajevo this year, it shows Design studio ‘New Design’ and it’s philosophy, it shows a concert of Gluha Doba in Zenica which is used to step into a complete different world. It shows new years party in Psychiatric clinic Pazaric where Peter Vilk and his friends made the best possible, and it was good good good. It also shows hoe careful a street cleaner in Mostar can work and it shows really a lot more.
This film will be shown on the Dutch TV somewhere this year and a copy is available if you ask for it at the POO office. Unfortunately we must charge the costs for copying and sending.

Dayton Import Export is another proof that there are still free minded people in Holland and that there are still free minded people in Bosnia Hercegovina and that there are still people who care about it.

Great fun