Senad Hadzifejzovic, the main editor of RTVBiH fired

By Hadzifejzovic's words, before he was moved, a kind of riot happened in RTVBiH, initiated by the federal premier Edhem Bicakcic. In a of letter of Hadzifejzovic it is said that his removal is an attempt of the SDA (Party of democratic action) to take control over the biggest BH electronic media before the elections in november. The name of federal premier Bicakcic again is mentioned in this "media repression" contest. Not long time after his attempt to shut down the "not so close anymore to SDA newspaper" Dnevni avaz, a daily newspaper with biggest run of copies in BiH.

The accused side, headed by Vladimir Bilic, the president of the temporary board of RTVBiH and director of the federal TV BiH, sayd that "Hadzifejzovic case" is nothing more than a consolidation and professionalisation of state TV station. And, judged by them, it's logical that Hadzifejzovic is fired. Mirjana Micevska the new editor of informative political program on RTVBiH shares the same thoughts.

But to give you a complete view in situation we should not forget to mention the fact that nine journalists - editors of RTVBiH, wrote an open "true letter" to the Bosnian public. In this letter they are accusing the present editorial staff of RTVBiH for "daily' pressures, threats, blackmails and censorship's".

It's obvious that the state RTV is a too strong and too important media to end up this story on one refusal and a few announcements. The case is initiated by politics, and it will be end up like that, like everything that had a touch with politics in last ten years. Even if OHR announced that this case is a private thing of RTVBiH.