Reports of the Peace Office Outpost Projects

On the first of May there will be held an international seminar in 2B Autonomous Republic, Eindhoven Holland.
Since the militaries do not parade anymore and also the politicians, the media and the public isn't interested in this day anymore, we, the artists, have free game. And there for we do not need the central square in front of the municipality building.
2B is an autonomous initiative. They propagandize cultural autonomy, specially is consensus can't be reached. 2B supports cultural terrorism to guaranty the freedom of expression. For more information I refer to, or you can send a emotional founded request to POO and information will be send to you.

During this seminar, a row of first of May statements from around the world, subjects like cultural autonomy, cultural terrorism, international tolerance versus fake tolerance will be discussed.

The red line through all these statements will be the 'Global Village'.

While cities in Brabant are trying to build a skyline with a good-naturedly provincial background, Sarajevo is in the core of the international attention while the citizens of that town are excluded from the rest of the world. And with a few push on the buttons they are connected.
Will every village be a part of the global town? (Or how could Pale become world-famous?) Or will the cities, and it's inhabitants, be pushed into a village form of limitations? (In other words; will all the small societies that form the big city together, lock themselves into an incestuous structure?)

On the conference table will be peasants, intellectuals, retired persons, guerrilla's and killers. The have only two resemblance's; They are part of the human race and they are live at the end of the 20th century.

Ambrosia, an artists association from Sarajevo will be present at that seminar. It is also that's why that we put an article about them in this newsletter. Also we will report afterwards. Those who have the freedom and the geographical luck to be able on the seminar we strongly advise to use that opportunity.