Tone Roza, my Neighbor

Visiting my neighbor. Tone Roza (Tony Rose) and his wife Rose Rose I meet almost daily. Two older people around 60 years who are actually the most friendly people themselves. I can use the phone when it is urgent. In that case I ring the door, make the call and than they speak with me for the next half an hour about it doesn't matter what. Slowly more and more food gets on the table and the bottle of Rakija opens itself. So I always have to take care that my urgent calls comes along with some time to spend. Tone is Croatian and Roze is a pure cocktail. She told me that her sister is serbian and her other sister is Muslim. Besides that a pert of her family comes from Slovenia. She her self doesn't know what she is but she said: 'before the war I didn't have to know.' With Tone I speak German. That goes fine although he is a very bad listener. As soon when I ask him how to say something in Bosnian, he gets confused. I don't do this anymore. Much better you try to learn the language with women. Specially mothers are good teachers. They speak slowly because they know you must learn, they speak simple and about daily, practical things. Roza is like that. We are nice neighbors and although it might sound not to interesting, I'm glad that every time we meet each other we separate with a smile on our face.
I'm very surprised when Tone tells me he is playing every day in a bar. Together with a friend, who is playing harmonics and some female singers they play folk music without the commenly added 'turbo'. One song and another 15 cords further, you shouldn't underestimate that. We wanted to visit this bar Opel, which leans to Hrasno and indeed; why not. We are on 45 cm from the stage. Very friendly, many drunks, very funny but within an hour we're gone.