On the very last day of February two groups from Croatia played in Town. The groups Šumski and Analena (Zagreb) played, invited by the Bosnian group Pessimistic Lines (who played too). It al happened in club Euroclub in Dobrinja and it was very positive. This are the kind of exchange programs as young people imagine them and also that the responsibilities for. With support of Soros Open Society Foundation this became possible. About 80 till 100 young people gathered in this most far out suburb of Sarajevo. Nice music, good atmosphere and no people around who try to use all this for there own profit.
Also, members of Šumski and Analena strongly support cultural scene in Zagreb, by running Kekere Aquarium record label, club "Mocvara" and organisation Union for Developing culture (URK).

Kornel Šeper (Šumski)
Danijel Sikora (Analena)