Political contemplation and current cases.
February 1998

The political information also starts in Dobrinja. The neighborhood close to the airport which suffered a lot during the war. Many people fled. It is actually quite a new neighborhood but you can't see that anymore. This neighborhood was for biggest part occupied by Serbs during the war. Later, under pressure of the Dayton agreements, they had to give back parts of the territory. According to people who live there chances are less clear as mentioned before. At the edge or the neighborhood there is a sign that says; ' Welcome in new Sarajevo'. After that nothing.
The problems started when a suspected of the murder of Hakija Turajlic was arrested. He got killed by Serbian soldiers when who stopped and forced open the UN vehicle that was transporting Turajlic. It was a big scandal and is showed the lack of power of the UN in that time completely. The arrest initiated a peoples happening in that part of Dobrinja were Serbs still are in majority. Hundreds of Serbs went on the streets to demonstrate to release of the suspected one. SFOR troops had to protect the local civilians and the local police. U bus of the UN, that transports mostly elderly who visit family or who do shopping on the other side got kidnapped for a night. Serbian from this part tries to build a Sarajevo wall. The representative of the UNHCR took out the first brick personally. Now this was a wall that could be put down by a retired boxer quite easy, No German grundlichkeit.  Dodik, the new prime minister of Republika Srpska spoke conciliatory words, told the people that the suspected was innocent but to build a wall for that would be to far out of line. Finally the complete wall was put down by the Serbian police.

The ministers of domestic affairs, (Bosnia has 4 of them) finally met each other together, before this wasn't possible because of problems with the representative of Pale. The Serbian minister said that the that the police was professional, non nationalistic and not related to any political party. It is the first time a statement like this is done. 'The first task for the police is to solve crime'. Through these words you could hear the words of
princes Plavsic (from the Plavsic theater) who had said something should be done about the corruption. A good sign. We are convinced that Bosnian people would love to see these words being connected with acts.
Since this month Bosnia has a new flag. Designed by a Dutch person of the international Flag Institute, as it seems. And Promoted by Carlos Westendorp. It actually looks very good. 1 of March was the national independents day and shops that were open were obliged to have a flag. If inspection came you had the choice between buying a flag of pay bail, worth four and a half flags. Together with the new flag there is also a new passport and new license plates for cars. They had a system like in Germany (which is supposed to be the European standard) but on this way everybody could recognize where some one was coming from and on that way many things were smashed and problems were stirred up. Now there are new plates on which you can not see where the car is from. Maybe it is not a bad idea to have another look inside the EU about this issue and question if the proposed standard is such a good standard. Some people think that in the west they could never be so stupid that such an issue could be a problem but hereby I would like to refer to the high standard of previous Yugoslav education and also to what de
EU ambassador Donato Chiarini said: ' We have many rascistic problems inside the EU itself".

A few bombs exploded in Mostar. Pernicious, ruinous, absurd and senseless.

Near Srebrenica a SFOR chopper crashed down. One soldier died. First SFOR and IPTF (the international police force) came with a different story, that in later stadium  got connected together. Suppose something was wrong, it better not be spread around the world.
Speaking about Srebrenica. The drama that took the  lives of 6 till 8.000 man left a big group of women behind. By organizing regular demonstrations they try to maintain pressure on those who are responsible in finding out facts about these disappearances. More than a year ago we could see on TV how massgraves had been opened but that was the top of the Iceberg and further not much has happened. That's why these women still demonstrate. I had to think about the mothers in Argentina who were called crazy mothers while it was a crazy system that made their suns and daughters disappear.
The discussion around this subject became surreal. Everybody has an opinion but not many leave a little space for others inside that opinion. Only the Bosnian ambassador in Sweden, coincidentally 10 minutes our partner in a conversation said: 'Let them demonstrate, they have enough reasons to do so and besides, if they don't demonstrate, nobody does.'
In the mean time I ended up in a traffic jam because of all that. All the traffic from the main Tito street was guided to the right, maybe the most steep part of the center. Over there the traffic completely stuck. Cars broke down because people misused them on that steep part. The rest had to pass them while in the same time some Italian army trucks tried to go down. Everybody who isn't patience enough tries to turn around. This all during rush hour. Maybe the most global form of frustration; the car driver. Excellent. I turn around the tape of Aquarium, gorgeous music from St. Petersburg and roll an other cigarette. If I'm not careful enough they'll push themselves in-between again.