-is a cultural association established in February 1995 by seven people.

Number 7 is the number of contigency

Ambrosia has seven departments

I. Ambrosia avant garde music. - a group for a wide spectar of conteporary avant-garde music;
II. Invisible Fields.- a multimedial project of fusion of psychadelic, gothic and industral rock with new age;
III. Department For Energy In Movement.- seeks possibilities to enbody energy in space-time;
IV. Ambrosia Litera.- gathers everyone who writes;
V. Design Group.- produces visual expressions of Ambrosia;
VI. Philosophy Department.- askes questions about everything what is to be asked by time, and also asks questions about time and asks questions about asking questions.
VII. Theatrum in Spe.- Through animation of reality out of it’s course, it allows ambrosians to raise above the hope by it’s creation.

Ambrosia created: - 50 radio shows (on independent radio Studio 99 Sarajevo) “Vocabulary of historical dying”
Ambrosia follows dying of epochs (their cultural metamorphosis) in short pictures
-50 radio shows (on the same radio) “Classical Miniature”, avantgarde and alternative music, jazz, new age from around the world.
- Sound and Vision performance ‘7x7’ a mirror of a history stream and it’s meaning. The 7x7 demands;
- from you to ask questions of the sense and meaning. the 7x7 includes exhibition, quadraphonic music, movement, slides.
- music for the drama ‘Adam & Eva’ by Miroslav Krlea (also directed by Ambrosians)
- “Rememberance Of The Steps” -multimedial performance.
The image of space and time in permanent tension of poetry, music and motion out of meaning, remains the spirit, reawakening with the burden of non-existing.
- “Annus Solaris” Theatreplay
The cell ambraced by darkness and by the old man obeying madness and happiness to unite themselves in to multidimensional contrast of present living which leaks all sounds of the whole world.
The world is there because of the cell.
- Chinese Teaparty. Musicpoetry Recital
through the verse, the candleflame and the odour of Chinese tea there has been returning to primordial tranquillity of the night in which the people, bewiched by ritual tradition, succeded to remain untouched by last wish and possibility of symbolic birth.
- Ambrosia News
- Compendium.
- Forbidden Fruits For Civil Society Festival. - The first international Avant-garde festival in Sarajevo, gathered over 60 artists from all around Europe. Traditional in Holland, Slovenia and Czech Republic. Reality of Sarajevo avantgarde.

Ambrosia prepares - Multimedial performances “Ex Propriis”, “In Front Of The Doors”, and “The World”.
- Going on tour to Ljubljana and Zagreb.
- Taking part in Forbidden Fruits Of Civil Society Festival in Czech Republic spring 1997 and Utrecht & Eindhoven autumn 1998.
- New issues of Ambrosia news

This asservatum is created by: Igor Banjac, Neir Kilalic, Sead S. Fetahagic, Nebosja Savija,

january 1997


Adress: Turhanija 3, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina

phone 387 71 668-289, 387 71 679-234

Fax 387 71 668-097


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