Esteslished under the umbrella of Ambrosia Art Association but independently continued:
A l b u m

3-monthly magazine for readers and writes.

spring 1998

“With their true belief that art can not remain bordered in national, teritorial or any other frame, the young literates from Republika Srpska welcomed “Album’s” initiative and decided to activelly participatein its publishing, because it is a literal review for the free, young and avant-garde creators, regardless of their place of resident or nationality. Time in which the war echo, spiritual and existential uneasyness, political and national confrontation, heal harder than differences in human mind, it takes a lot of courage to form one normal idea which had brought the Album. (Djordje Vukovic, editorial)

Album presents the work of 30 authors, connected to Bosnia in any way. In forms of prose and poetry. Inner examination of the reality as it is or as we imagine it. A dream, a man, past, future…life. The author can choose the theme. It is obvious that some authors are trying to impress their readers with style and humor characteristic for Russian writers( Harms, Gogolj…) .

Album is presented to us as three-month issue. With hope it would remain as such. With the financial support from the Open Society Fond , the Aurtian Embassy and Catholic Relief Service and is supported by OSCE. This is really a rare opportunity in our post-war microcosmos, an opportunity for publishing the work of young authors and a possibility for their work to become published on Album pages.

Ivana Jerlagic, editorial, says:”…We are searching, or better yet, continue to search…with words and dialects of this country’s languages well-known to all of us…The country everyone calls theirs and nobodys…” Try to find the Album in one of your local book shops. And because it is very pribable that your search will be unsuccessful, try to contact one of the address’. The price of Album is only 3 DM. You must admit, it is the money you give for beer or coffee each day. That money would be much more useful to these people, than to waiters or hosts. They have it too much already.

Examples of writers published in Album are: Marina Vujicic, Edin Hodzic, Zlatko Juric, Alexandra Cvorovic, Nebosja Savija, Ranko the Killer, Zoltan Kos, Martin S. Past, Mehmed Begic, Larisa Gavric, Eugene Skeef, Emir Sahilovic, Jozef Kleindienst en vele vele anderen.

And than in October 1999 we wrote about them again...

It is said before but surtenly worth while; Album publishes proze and poetry, mostly from Bosnian ground but not all. This week the seventh issue was released, and again it is filled with known and unknown writers. 250 pages in a bundle that spreads itself all over Bosnia Herceggovina. Maybe interesting for those who speak the language but by now are living in other parts of the world??? Since a few month writers present their work live in caffe Stella, behind the Holiday Inn, every sunday at 21.00 hours.
The upcomming week I have to present my work so I study as hard as possible on pronounciations. The Sarajevo audience always will be with loads of critics so a big mistake is easily made.

If you would like to send your work or order the bundle, please contact Album