beside some less positive things happened (bad publicity in mostar, pa system in sarajevo spilled with beer, bugojno - ... as it is) EURO TEFERIC was successful even more than we expected. and, we are very glad about it. about all positive reactions, and about all plans that we made for future.

here are some of them. and also, some things inspired by EURO TEFERIC.

belma becirbasic from sarajevo showed some parts of EURO TEFERIC in video documentary on kinoteka. film was made as a graduate work for media plan journalist school in sarajevo belma becirbasic was participating.

www archive of EURO TEFERIC is available through SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF ATHEISTIC FEELINGS web page.

next issue of FILMSKI VESTNIK (film news video magazine made by SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF ATHEISTIC FEELINGS) will be dedicated to EURO TEFERIC project. since we were filming all the things happening during six days of EURO TEFERIC we hope to be able to show bosnian society today - politic, youth culture, civil and politic scene, ecology, ordinary life... as best as we can

SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF ATHEISTIC FEELINGS feelings is organizing an benefit action in slovenia these days. the aim is to raise 1400 dm for a s vhs c video camera that will be donated to KOLEKTIV. on that way, KOLEKTIV will be able to make video archive of his own programs, but also, programs connected to topics like independent : art : youth : culture.

in november of 2000 SOCIETY FOR PROTECTION OF ATHEISTIC FEELINGS will organize slovenian tour for KOLEKTIV. NEW FARADAY COLLISION and TEMPLE (music), OUTPUT (fanzine) and some video materials will be presented (KINOTEKA by belma becirbasic, art video by vesna sljivljak with improvised music of NEW FARADAY COLLISION, KOLEKTIV video documentary on independent culture scene in bosnia and herzegovina that will be made during summer of 2000).

and even than - IT (WE) WILL NOT STOP.