the idea of festival EURO TEFERIC is based on inter(...) cultural exchange. on that way bosnian people will be able to see recent happenings on slovenian independent cultural scene. festival will consist of music performances by ZOAMBO ZOET WORKESTRAO and HARRY DEN HARTOG, video projections of independent SLO movies (enjoying nature and society, kosovo through the eyes of local rom musicians...), filmski vestnik (video magazine on music, culture and society), overview on second festival of yugoslav cheap film (subotica - YU, 1999), and also, some discussions and dj programs.

festival idea is based on the fact that post war connections of EX YU artists and their chances to work and to present that work in their areas are not so stimulating - isolation, bad communication and financial conditions... existing in situation like this, independent culture is not finding the prosperous status. on the contrary - it has all chances to gone - or, to die. just because of those reasons many of individuals and independent culture collectives on this territory quit their work.

working on this way - today we can present slovenian independent art scene in BIH, tomorrow slovenians can present bosnian independent art scene in SLO. it is a part of connection that is growing during the last two years between URK in zagreb (CRO), METELKOVA MESTO and DZAC in ljubljana (SLO), KOLEKTIV in sarajevo (BIH)...

this festival, as idea, is our part in rebuilding of civil society on EX YU territory. and, to say as short as possible, and, as clear as possible - this project is about cultural connection and cultural exchange between artists, or, better to say - HUMANS.

our aim is to go through almost complete BIH - we do not care for entity name or nationality. that is why EURO TEFERIC is happening both in banja luka and mostar and sarajevo or... and why we will try to connect youth organizations by working on independent culture from both bosnian entities.

beside that, we would like to reanimate spaces like kinoteka in sarajevo. since state is giving them very little material support their program are very poor. so the interest of the visitors. and, we can provide interesting program, or for free, or thanx to sponsors. some extra visitors for their place, too. going to mostar could be great chance to try to gather youth from both sides of bosnian berlin. bugojno is placed in middle BIH. out of information's, and out of cultural happenings (if they are tot support by major politic parties). offering new forms of art will make the reaction. and change - maybe minimal, but change.

beside that, mostar, banja luka and especially bugojno are not such a "fancy" towns as sarajevo is. that is the reason why oftenly "cultural caravans" are just passing around these towns. and not staying in. because they are not "fancy" as sarajevo is of because there is nothing to impress in those areas? WRONG! but, also, sometimes sarajevo organizers are not ready to show other parts of BIH "real as it is" to international guests/artists. funny, but seems like they want "to keep everything for themselves". jealous, as kids. we think that going to those places can avoid the stereotype of sarajevo as a place where everything is happening. we strongly think that no one has a right to make monopoly on culture, especially not in the places like BIH is. we think that everyone should have a right and chance to taste culture. and than to chose.

because of economic crisis, people im smaller bosnian cities are not in position to be in touch with recent cultural happenings in the rest of the world. bringing the rest of the world to their towns (or, at least one part of that world) and for free, could be stimulating, for them as a humans and for cultural scene (local and international) in general.