28 04 2000 sarajevo kinoteka

sarajevo program was great suprise for all of us. at first, around 150 people showed up in kinoteka. and also, maybe 85% of them made a great and unforgettable atmosphere on the program. people were walking from hall where music was happening to hall with video program and back, all the time - listening and watching carefully. it is real pity that one bad thing happened. one girl spill a beer on pa system that we rented for music program, so owners decided to take it out of the hall. harry den hartog finished last part of his show on improvised sound equipment. kinoteka program was broadcasted few times afterwards on TVSA canton television station - in 071 show. radio un crew did an interview that was broadcasted during next week. also, local daily magazine DNEVNI AVAZ printed two articles on teferic thing (view one or other). since one of our aims was to bring back some people to kinoteka space we can be fully satisfied with result. 150 people in a cinema that is even not working because of no people is great thing. as people of kinoteka agreed with us.