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Crisis 1999
Opinions Archive 1999 and Alerts
archive 1st January-15th April 1999

The Kosovo war: the beginning of a new century
A Belgrade sociologist comments
May 1999

Zoektocht naar de grenzen van geweld
A comment by Dutch Green Left Member Edwin Mermans (in Dutch)
31st May 1999

I'm nothing but a mother
A personal story by a Belgrade architect
31st May 1999

The International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague
and the indictment of Milosevic

The ICTY in The Hague has so far managed to do only half of its job, a Belgrade activist argues.
31st May 1999

Impossible to talk peace with bombs falling
A comment by Viktor Chernomyrdin, former prime minister of Russia, now the Russian President's special envoy for Kosovo.
27th May 1999

Have We Forgotten the Path to Peace?
A comment by Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, Chairman of the nonprofit Carter Center, which seeks to advance peace and health.
27th May 1999

Djindjic's "Le Monde" interview
The interview that Serbian state TV used for one of many assaults on Democratic Party president, dr Zoran Djindjic. The whole interview was never broadcasted or published, only quotes and parts of sentences were used for the assault.
25th May 1999

Dictator, opposition, war and real life
If Milosevic would be a legitimately elected president that's not doing his job right, he would lose the next elections. But in real life, dictators base their rule on oppression. Milosevic has used every opportunity to oppress, use force and violence, to manipulate, and to remove those who opposed him.
20th May 1999

Kosovo: the key to the Balkans
A comment by Ferhat Dinosha, member of the Montenegrin Legislature for the Democratic Union of Albanians
20th May 1999

Letter to Serbian NGOs
Letter to Serbian non-governmental organizations regarding the Appeal of 6 April by Belgrade NGOs from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Oslo.
18th May 1999

Fehmi Agani's last four weeks
Rexhep Ismajli comments on the killing of nonviolent Kosovar politician Fehmi Agani
17th May 1999

Alert: A moment of silence
Belgrade students are appealing to people world wide for a moment of silence for peace on the Balkans on 24th May. One of them sent this message to the former Belgrade team of Balkan Peace Team. The team is presently in Skopje and will return to Western Europe by the end of May.
17th May 1999

When the cost is too high
A short sharp campaign is becoming a prolonged and devastating war. When the human cost of a "humanitarian intervention" becomes too high, is it time to stop the bombing?
14th May 1999

Europe's Kosovo dominoes
NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia risks creating "new Kosovos" throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
13th May 1999

Before the deluge: Fehmi Agani's last interview
"An agreement will mean the end of Serb pretensions in Kosovo. But Albanians will only accept Yugoslav sovereignty if NATO really comes." Assassinated Albanian leader Fehmi Agani, speaking to Anthony Borden in Pristina shortly before the bombing began.
13th May 1999

Targeting the moderate
A reluctant politician, Fehmi Agani emerged as a leading proponent of nonviolence and Albanian-Serb dialogue. Until his last train ride.
13th May 1999

Milosevic's victory
Under whatever flag foreign troops may come to Kosovo, there's no doubt who will remain in control in Belgrade.
11th May 1999

Crimes against humanity in Kosovo must be stopped
Statement by the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
10th May 1999

Kosovo: A Decade of Unheeded Warnings
A comment by Amnesty International's secretary general Pierre Sané
10th May 1999

The Nonviolent Movement in Kosov@ and Yugoslavia
The world lost a crucial opportunity to respond to the massive nonviolent movement in Kosovo and Yugoslavia before the conflict erupted into the tragic war which is engulfing the entire area. A comment by David Hartsough, Executive Director of PEACEWORKERS.
7th May 1999

An Appeal from American Jews to the Green Party of Germany
An appeal by Jewish Americans who are deeply concerned that the memory and tragedy of the Holocaust is being invoked in order to justify an unjust bombing campaign against the civilian population of Yugoslavia.
7th May 1999

G8 Kosovo principles - another peace plan fraud
A comment by TFF-director Jan Oberg
7th May 1999

Divided behind Milosevic
Serbian political parties are united only in opposition to NATO. Their inability to elaborate any coherent alternative positions leaves Milosevic, as ever, in full control.
5th May 1999

When Western Television Silences the "Other Serbia"
In the weeks since the beginning of NATO strikes an overview of major Western media sources leaves one quite uncomfortable by the almost complete or superficial information concerning the consequences of the strikes on Serbia.
30th April 1999

No to ethnic cleansing / No to bombing
A women's appeal for peace from six women's organisations from different countries
29th April 1999

Croatia's Green Party supports Joschka Fischer
A statement by the Green Party of Croatia on the genocide in Kosovo and the attack on Yugoslavia
28th April 1999

Scold and Bomb: Clinton's Failed Foreign Policy
American foreign policy is in a shambles. The strike against Yugoslavia so poorly advised and executed. The USA are seeking "regime change" in Serbia. When this is over, they may also need regime change at home, a comment in the Wall Street Journal states.
28th April 1999

Statement on the Kosovo crisis and the NATO air attacks
By the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly of Sarajevo/Tuzla/Banja Luka
26th April 1999

Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia outraged
The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia is profoundly outraged by NATO bombing of Radio Television of Serbia Belgrade Center, Friday early morning. NATO planners should and must have known that innocent civilians were at work - and they knew.
24th April

The Balkan endgame
Belgrade still believes it is on the verge of a historic victory. In response, the West needs a comprehensive regional strategy. Comment by Sonja Biserko, director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.
22nd April 1999

Human rights organisations ask Shimon Peres to mediate
A letter to Israel's former Prime Minister Shimon Peres by eight human rights NGOs from Souteast Europe, asking him to mediate in the Kosovo crisis
21st April 1999

Nato must head for door marked exit
A statement by General Sir Michael Rose, a former commander of the UN in Bosnia.
18th April 1999

Great radio theft - B92
Death of independent media in Serbia: NATO, Milosevic's (not so) secret ally
16th April 1999

Let Civility prevail: a statement of concerned Serbian citizens
Declaration by 27 Serbian intellectuals, addressing both Milosevic and the NATO leaders.
16th April 1999

Declaration of the Civic Alliance of Serbia
12th April 1999

What's Next Mr Milosevic?
The following opinion piece by Aleksandar Tijanic and Slavko Curuvija was published in the Belgrade weekly Evropljanin on 19 October 1998. On Sunday April 11, 1999 Curuvija paid the ultimate price with his life.
11th April 1999

A European Vision For The Balkans
Senior human rights activist 'Xena Begovic' from Yugoslavia argues that it should start with the European Union.
9th April 1999

Peace Movements Oppose Both Ethnic Cleansing and Bombing
Statement by the International Peace Bureau
8th April 1999

NATO Urged to Respect Humanitarian Law
Human Rights Watch about killing of civilians by NATO-strikes
7th April 1999

The Fatal Flaws Underlying Nato's Intervention In Yugoslavia
A letter by the former commander of the UN Peace Force in Yugoslavia
6th April 1999

We Have Lost This Foolish War
Comment by Robert Fisk in the British newspaper The Independent
5th April 1999

Bombing the baby with the bath water
Comment by B92 Chief Editor Veran Matic
30th March 1999

Civil Alliance of Serbia: Proposal to begin negotiations
January 1999

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