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Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia outraged

The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia is profoundly outraged by NATO bombing of Radio Television of Serbia Belgrade Center, Friday early morning. NATO planners should and must have known that innocent civilians, duty journalists, producers, editors and technicians were at work around the clock, seven days a week, in that building, like in any TV station worldwide - and they knew! It was a premeditated criminal attack against an utterly civilian target and we cannot accept any excuses, even less hypocritical and cynical apologies by NATO officials about "collateral damage". We are deeply concerned about the lack of courage and military honour of NATO Allies, who keep playing their Nintendo games attacking civilian targets from 15 000 feet. It is a lamentable display of arrogance and cowardice. At least ten dead and a score of wounded media professionals have been at their everyday jobs that night; and everybody knew that. During the bloody wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia since 1991, 76 journalists of all nationalities were killed in action, but they have never been targeted as journalists; they just happened to be in harm's way doing their job. Only two journalists were targeted deliberately during the Kosovo conflict by the KLA and are still missing, believed dead. NATO bombing of Serbian Radio Television building in Belgrade deliberately targeted journalists and media professionals at work, fully aware of consequences. It was a deliberate murder in cold blood. Our outrage and desperation are overwhelming.

Milos Vasic, President Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia

(Source: Vreme)

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