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Women's Appeal for Peace

No to ethnic cleansing / No to bombing

We refuse the unacceptable choice between a nationalism that promotes ethnic cleansing on the one hand and a politically and economically driven manipulation of human rights by NATO countries resulting in acts of war that violate recognized international law on the other hand.
We demand an alternative that builds on the crucial role that human rights defenders, feminists, NGOs and peace-loving civil society play in all countries of the former Yugoslavia including within Serbia. Further, we stress the leading role of women in the promotion of peace, democracy and human rights, and in keeping alive human relations between different ethnic, religious and national entities.

Therefore, the undersigned organisations make the following demands:

Cessation of Hostilities:

An immediate cessation of NATO/US bombing and all armed operations by all parties; An immediate end to the ethnic cleansing and forcible expulsions in the region; That the UN Security Council resolve to send in UN forces with a temporary mandate to protect civilians and to preserve evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity for the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Peace process:

A resumption of the peace process with UN mediation at the regional (Balkan), European, and international levels; The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) take responsibility for working with countries in the region to find a peaceful, democratic and long term solution to the crisis; Negotiations for a peaceful resolution include representatives of civil society, with women and women's organisations significantly represented amongst the negotiators; Resolution of the conflict be predicated upon the recognition of all human rights on the basis of equality.


International support for reconstruction based on civil society and democratic movements within the region, with particular emphasis on facilitating the participation of women; All returns must be voluntary in accordance with international law, and refugees enabled to return in conditions that respect their human rights; Recognition of women`s right to equality in all spheres, such as land and property rights; Full recognition of the importance of economic and social rights, particularly as they relate to the construction of civil society;

Redress and the Application of Law:

The ICTY act swiftly to ascertain culpability and indict those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all parties, including prosecution of crimes of sexual violence; Political leaders of both state and non-state forces be held accountable for commanding and/or condoning war crimes and other violations of human rights; Milosevic be indicted and his arrest authorised and effected; All States surrender those so indicted to the Hague; Reparations for the victims of human rights violations by the culpable states and/or non-state actors.


Asian Center for Women's Human Rights (ASCENT) -

Philippines Center for Women's Global Leadership -

USA Malaya Colas -

Philippines VAWW NET International (Violence Against Women in War Network)

Women Living Under Muslim Laws International Solidarity Network

Gender and Human Security Network

Source: BalkanWitness

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