Festival "Ljubljana-Sarajevo 1999" took place

Festival "Ljubljana - Sarajevo 1999" took place in Sarajevo on September 17. and 18. Organized by the local "Peace Office Outpost" and "Ambrosia" association and with the good will of Ljubljana's Metelkova crew.

The festival was designed as an exchange program - between subcultural creators of two friendly states. During a few September days Slovenians are in Sarajevo, and in February next year Bosnians will be in Ljubljana. Eye for an eye, festival for a festival.

The official part of the program started on Friday, September 17, in front of the cathedral where 'The Stroj' performed. Drummers from Lasko, who besides a lot of energy brought their Lasko beer. The same day in Kuk club there was an exibition in which sculpturers and painters from Metelkova mesto took part, together with Sarajevo designer groups Neue Urform and New Design.

The second day had this exibition and something else. In Ragusa Theatre, there was a performance of Sarajevo "Ambrosia - Theatrum in Spe" and Ljubljana "Teater Gromki". In the same place Goran Medjugorac, Slovenian whose roots are from Zavidovici, had an auction of arts.

It's interesting that the Slovenian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina was present in the last part of the program but according to his leaving in the middle of it, he was not very impressed. Although he got a special VIP seat, as his secretary requested. So the final part of the performance by "Teater Gromki" - with the question if their Sarajevo colleagues will be needing visas for Slovenia and why, remained unanswered.

The festival ended, people went back to their homes happy. There was a surprisingly great interest of Sarajevo public and population for the visitors. Which is even more surprising keeping in mind that there is always something cultural happening in the city during the summer. Anyway, the thing started and finished - good.

There will be a rematch. Festival "Sarajevo-Ljubljana 2000".
In February next year, as I already said.
Ljubljana, be ready, Bosnians are coming.

Photos by: Tomaz Trplan