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KOLEKTIV is non-profit organization constituted in sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina, during september of 1999. KOLEKTIV is a group of people with same (similar) views and wish for direct and immediate action in culture. one of basic reasons which brought us to constitute KOLEKTIV is, at least to try to fill a gap in bosnian independent cultural scene. with exposed wish - not to frame our activity within borders of state we are living and work in. we want to activate ourselves in try to create, partly at least, the frame of independent cultural scene of bosnia and herzegovina, what we believe is needed and possible to achieve.

KOLEKTIV wants to include creators of widest interests, who have common sense of belonging to independent, subcultural and alternative way of expressing and acting. like the activities of KOLEKTIV are - independent, subcultural and alternative. underground and subcultural, not because of current inability of breaking through into the domain of mainstream, because of truth feeling of belonging to subcultural as a term and carrier of social inventivity and spirituality.

KOLEKTIV is trying to change current social and spiritual situation, but not by breaking it down. we are trying to offer an alternative, different, and in most cases more creative solution and possibility. without imposing and apsolutistic wishes, to open the space for ideas we are presenting. In choice between revolution and evolution - we choose evolution. we think that is not needed to destroy current value systems to build "more human" society. neither we want to be creators of that new values. like we have already said, we want to offer facts from the area of cultural and social, which could be used in a process of individual and colective social progression. we think that current social moment offer us such possibility.