starting and sustaining this festival of cultural exchange makes the possibility of broadening this project to the whole territory of ex-yugoslavia more real. our ultimate idea is to form an independent art network, which will coordinate and support further projects of cultural exchange and international activity in general in the countries of ex-yugoslavia and abroad.

the result of working this way is multiple and also advantageous for the ex-yu territory in general. besides supporting our primary aim - promotion of independent art scene and development of civil society - groups and individuals will be able to meet and exchange experiences with other groups and individuals, and in this way exceed not only national frontiers but also physical and psychological barriers imposed to them during the last decade.

the idea of this festival is of great importance to us because it provides the opportunity for:
- further development of independent and art scene in general
- normalization of communication on the territory of ex-yugoslavia
- renewal of art (and human in general) contacts
- faster development of civil society and society at large (that's what we all aspire)
- forming an ex-yu independent cultural network.

by performing on KARAVAN SARAJEVO festival KOLEKTIV was ofered to participate on festival hEXPO 2000 (summer 2000) in slovenia. also, KOLEKTIV is invited to present it's work in geneva - switzerland, in the art centre USINE - ZOO (november 2000).