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[Duurzaamlijst] DELIVER A NEW DAWN

Start the new millennium in a special way: send a message on the  
first sunrays of the 21st century by Greenmail2000! 
Just write your own personal message - to anyone you want - and  
send it to us. We will deliver it at dawn, on 1st January. The  
recipient of your personal message will also see the first sunrise of  
2000 as captured on film by Greenpeace. 

Our Greenpeace boat, the Tiama, is sailing towards a tiny island in 
 the Southern Ocean where the first rays of the sun will appear. 
All the stored messages - including yours - will be activated and  
sent out around the world when the first sunlight of the new  
millennium hits the solar panels on board the vessel. 

Alternative power sources - sun, wind and waves -  are the clean 
energy technologies of the future. 

Deliver a new dawn: send a message on the 1st of  January, 2000  
 21st century style! 

Surf to http://www.greenmail2000.org 

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