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[Duurzaamlijst] International Call for Environmental and Social Solidarity.

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The Rising Tide Network is calling up for international environmental and social solidarity worldwide. 

Essentially this a call in favour of real solutions to human induced climate change and against corporate greed and further globalisation. We would like the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to stop  discussing means to profit from the problem and start empowering people all over the world to deal with the problems themselves. 

International Call for Environmental and Social Solidarity. 

The Hague, Thursday November 23rd 2000. From November 13th through 25th, the Dutch City of The Hague hosts the UN meeting on climate talks, officially titled the Sixth Conference of the Parties of the Climate Convention, or COP-6. The Summit is crucial - the final decisions  
on the implementation of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol will be taken here. At the moment, the Kyoto Protocol is in danger of becoming a trade treaty -  the most corporate-friendly environmental treaty in history, at the  
expense of equity between North and South, and to the detriment of the climate itself. We are calling up for international solidarity. Today it is international anti-carbon-trading-day 

Activists from diverse groups and movements around the world and now  together in The Hague are concerned not only with human induced climate change, but, equally important how this problem is treated. There are people from the sinking islands of the South Pacific, survivors of floods in Bangladesh and hurricanes in Central America who are not able  to make their voices heard; there are victims of environmental devastation and human rights in the Niger Delta and South America suffering from the operations of oil multinationals and the effects of  
global warming whose interests find little representation if any.  

To curb human induced climate change, the interests of those closest to the problem should be taken into account firstly; there is an urge to truly democratise any type of climate change processes. At the convention we witness companies and governments conspiring to profit from the very problem they have caused. Not the environment is central but economic growth and a further modification of capitalist markets. Fundamentally the UNFCCC COP6 is enforcing further economic globalisation by creating a trade treaty based upon a new commodity. This new carbon  
economy is enforced at all costs by rich industrialed governments from the North to save private corporate interests. Whilst not offering solutions to those silenced and so to save real lives under threat,  
carbon trade makes it profitable for business and governments to greenwash their way out the climate crisis.  

A trade treaty is neither helping us, or anyone else. Climate change is a problem affecting us all. However, whereas the few will be able to buy their way out, the many will suffer even more. For us, the UN process 
should start again from scratch, with the life of this planet and all its present and future inhabitants placed at centre stage. Without big dams, nuclear power and carbon offset forests. 

While manipulative carbon criminals and their savior governments are seriously threatening life on earth, we must take action to stop them from negotiating ways to profit from climate change and let them start reducing emission NOW.  

The risingtide is a network of tens of thousands activists of several hundred grassroots organisations. The network has been set up especially to develop globalised resistance against climate talks.  

To learn more about the network, http://www.risingtide.nl -  For independent media coverage on activities and climate negotiations check http://www.climateconference.org <info@risingtide.nl> 

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