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*A call to peace organisations and international NGOs,**academics,
politicians, journalists**and all people of good** faith:**ACCOUNTABILITY

*You are cordially invited to attend the IRAQ COMMISSION*

*on April 16-17, 2014 in Brussels.*

*Together with Iraqis, lawyers, academics and activists worldwide*

   *we will try to develop a legal roadmap for future legal and civil*

*actions against the planners* *and executors of the illegal war*

*and occupation of the sovereign nation Iraq.*
*(confirmed participants from the USA, Malaysia, India, Canada, the UK,
Spain, Sweden, Jordan, Algeria, France,  ...)**Confirmed speakers are*:

*MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY* (Director Centre Global
  ? *Canada*)

*ROSS CAPUTI* (US-marine during the second siege of Falluja in 2004 ? *US *
? see also his letter to John

*SABAH AL-MUKHTAR* (President of the Arab Lawyers Association ? *Iraq -*

*CURTIS F.J.DOEBBLER* (Law practitioner before the International Court of
Justice, the African Commission and Court of Human and Peoples? Rights, the
European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission and Court of
Human Rights, the United Nations Administrative Tribunal, and the United
Nations Treaty bodies ? *US*),

*NILOUFER BHAGWAT* (Vice President of the Indian Lawyers Association -

*INDER COMAR* (Legal Director at Comar Law + lawsuit in San Francisco
against   the planners of the Iraq War, including Bush, Cheney, Rice,
Rumsfeld, Powell and Wolfowitz - *California*)

*DAHR JAMAIL* (Journalist who was one of the few un-embedded journalists to
report extensively from Iraq during the US occupation - *US*)

*LINDSEY GERMAN* (Convenor of the British anti-war organisation Stop the
War Coalition ? *Iraq - UK*)

*JOSÉ ANTONIO MARTÍN PALLÍN* (He is judge emeritus and was a public
prosecutor at the Supreme Court. He presides over the Spanish Human Rights
Association - *Spain*)

*HAIFA ZANGANA* (Iraqi novelist and artist, columnist for al-Quds newspaper
? *Iraq - UK*)

*Dr. ZULAIHA ISMAIL* (Executive Director of the Perdana Global Peace
Foundation. Member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) ?

*EMAN AHMED KHAMAS* (Iraqi activist *? Iraq - Spain*)
To register <http://www.brussellstribunal.org/article_view.asp?ID=1283> for
the Iraq Commission, please contact the B*RUSSELL*S TRIBUNAL at
  iadlbrussellstribunal op gmail.com <iadlbrussellstribunal op gmail.com>Main
language: English ? Simultaneous translating: Arabic-French-Spanish-English

The *International Association of Democratic
Lawyers*<http://www.iadllaw.org/> (IADL)
is holding its *18th Congress in Brussels*, *from 15th to 19th April 2014*.
This Congress will be the number one meeting-, networking- and exchange
opportunity for hundreds of legal activists throughout the world.

Two days of this Congress will be dedicated to several commissions on
topics and themes in which legal activists worldwide are involved. *The B*
*Russell**s Tribunal* will organize a commission on *Wednesday 16 and
Thursday 17 April 2014* about "*Accountability and Justice for Iraq*".

The *aggression against Iraq*, launched by the ?Coalition of the Willing?,
under the command of the US and UK, was not just immoral, it was properly
illegal and fits the Nuremberg definition of a *Crime against Peace.*Such a
war should have its legal consequences for the aggressors and rights for
the victims under International law.
To date, *no official has been brought to justice for war crimes*, crimes
against humanity and for waging a war of aggression, the supreme
international crime. We have to change that equation. All those who are
responsible for the invasion of Iraq should be held accountable for the
destruction of the country's infrastructure, its economic and social
structures, its historical past and its health and education.

Reasonable *legal experts* should work towards the goal of making
*reparation* with the Iraqi people who have been so deeply affected by this
war and its aftermath and they should *bring the perpetrators to justice.*

The BRussells Tribunal intends to *bring together international legal
experts and activists who will explore the possibilities for legal actions
against those responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq*.
Participants will also share their experiences about past and present legal
procedures and will discuss the different forms of legal action.

In participation with the International *Anti-Occupation Network* (IAON),
the *Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War* (KLFCW), *the Geneva
International Centre for Justice* (GICJ), *Lawyers Against The War*and *other
humanitarian organisations*, we will try to *develop a legal roadmap that
can be used* by law professionals and activists worldwide.

*People?s tribunals*, citizen?s arrests and other forms of activism may
represent the *conscience* of the world community and should be deemed
*necessary* in the *absence of implementation of International law*, but
that is not enough.

*Legal action is essential and can take many forms*: universal
jurisdiction, defending Iraqi victims in court, seeking arrest warrants
when former US politicians want to travel outside the US etc?

We cordially *invite you to join us in Brussels on 16 and 17 April 2014*.
If we want to* restore the respect for International law*; if we want
International law to be enforceable; if we want to ensure the legal rights
of the victims of illegal aggressions, Iraq should be high on the agenda of
lawyers and human rights organisations.

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