[Duurzaamlijst] 5&6 mei: EU in Crisis - analysis, resistance and alternatives to corporate Europe

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EU in Crisis - analysis, resistance and alternatives to corporate Europe

Saturday 5 – Sunday 6 May 2012

Maison des Associations Internationales, Brussels

Join Corporate Europe Observatory, supported by the Transnational Institute, for a major two-day conference to discuss Europe in Crisis – and to help build resistance and alternatives to corporate Europe. Register now at: www.corporateeurope.org/EU-in-crisis-conf

Speakers include activists, trade unionists and academics from across Europe including: Susan George • Carola Fischbach-Pyttel • Mariana Mortágua • Esther Vivas • Andy Storey • Alexis Passadakis

The economic and euro crises have given industry and the political establishment an opportunity to strengthen their neoliberal agenda. Austerity measures are being imposed, social rights are being squandered and social and environmental budgets are being cut – all in the name of propping up a system that is fundamentally flawed.

The influence of the corporate lobby in Brussels is a key factor in this crisis. Big business has pushed relentlessly for more and more deregulation – handing power to the financial markets so that banks and investment groups are now able to dictate the terms of the bailout.

This European version of ‘shock therapy’ not only threatens social and environmental justice, it challenges the core of democracy at the national level.

It is time to fight back.

There is an urgent need to discuss real alternatives – and to come together to challenge the current dogma at the European level. Across Europe, people are rising up to protest and to call for change.

Join Corporate Europe Observatory, Transnational Institute and representatives from social movements and trade unions across Europe for this two-day event to examine the EU’s response to the crisis – and the need for a democratic alternative.

Find out more and register online at: www.corporateeurope.org/EU-in-crisis-conf or email: conference2012 op corporateeurope.org

Information also available in: Français, Nederlands, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Italiano, Portuguese, Español at: www.corporateeurope.org/EU-in-crisis-conf


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